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Goldmund Wyldebeast and Wunderliebe

12/12/2012 - 2:00 AM

On 12 December 2012 organizing Goldmund, Wylde Beast & Wunder Liebe workshop Theming with Diazo at our location in Amsterdam .

With Diazo is a graphic design that is developed in static HTML web integrated into a dynamic website as it is managed by such a content management system (CMS). With Diazo is an HTML page by a web designer converted to a theme of the CMS, such as a redesign of the user interface of an old web application, even without access to the original source code. Or the realization of a uniform user interface for several different web applications. This all in hours instead of weeks.

Goldmund, Wylde Beast & Liebe Wunder gives a hands-on workshop where our experience with Diazo is presented, and the elaboration of a number of exercises direct insight can be gained into the possibilities of Diazo.

The target audience for this workshop is all that has to do with the (re) designing websites. From graphic designers, front-end developers, site administrators and (python) developers.

There are no costs associated with this workshop. The starting on 12 December at 10:00. Bring your own laptop with you, then we will provide lunch ..

You can apply by filling out the form below.

Learn More: Goldmund Wyldebeast and Wunderliebe

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