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Start Up in the Cloud

12/10/2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Marketing tools and media SaaS

The Start-Up Committee EuroCloud France invites you Monday, December 10, 2012 to attend the next presentation of start-up dedicated to marketing tools and media SaaS .

If the software business management existed long before the emergence of cloud computing alternatives, entirely new, have emerged with the development of Software as a Service. This is particularly the case of applications that allow businesses to improve their mastery of the customer relationship.

In addition to CRM SaaS solutions already on the market that many are not the subject of this presentation session, there are specialized solutions highly relevant and effective as we would like to present.

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Village EuroCloud to IT Partners 2013

EuroCloud France and IT Partners confirmed their partnership for the fourth year in a row: The next IT Partners show on 5 and 6 February 2013, will include a village actors Cloud Computing hosted by EuroCloud France.

IT Partners is one large room or GP Cloud player, eager to strengthen its eco-system, its network of partners and distributors, has an interest in its presence.

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Report Welsh and IGF report

The Welsh report does not much of the computer services industry. The word "Computer" appears twice to locate this sector among the activities with high added value and thus promote fucks by labor costs. While the term "Cloud Computing" is not included in this report, it clearly deserves our attention.

Another report comes out and does not enjoy the same communication efforts was produced by the IGF which focused on the digital economy. Read this urgently. Download:

Welsh report

Report IGF

Special Offers Members EuroCloud France

One of the objectives of EuroCloud France is to facilitate business between its members as possible. This page brings together special offers member companies EuroCloud France offer to other members of our association.

To be on this page, just to be a member company EuroCloud France and offer a particular service and specific members EuroCloud France.

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Standardize the Cloud

From March 2011, the European Commission called cloud providers to embark on the path of standardization. The goal is to allow customers to change suppliers just as they do for their mobiles.

EuroCloud France search his authorized representative to participate in a European working group on standardization and interoperability. If you are interested in (e), thank you closer to our managing director .

White Paper: The evolution mastered to IaaS / PaaS

The commission IaaS / PaaS EuroCloud France announced the availability of its first White Paper: The evolution mastered to IaaS / PaaS .

Our goal is to provide a practical tool for reflection and reference in the decision-making process and implementation of IaaS or PaaS offerings within an IT organization. We hope it will help IT departments to better define their needs, and the steps and processes to implement and control.

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SaaSCamp first province

Co-organized by EURECIA , e-need and iTrust , hosted by WeLoveSaaS hosted by La Cantine Toulouse, France and supported by EuroCloud Digital Place this BarCamp will be held on Tuesday, December 18th from 9h to 14h .

The principle: a meeting, a non-open conference which takes the form of workshops, participatory events where the content is provided by participants who have all, in one way or another, bring something to Barcamp.

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Distributors: 7 Steps to the Cloud

Aware of the strategic role of retail players in the market development of cloud, EuroCloud France produced there nearly two years first White Paper on Cloud and Distribution.

We decided to deepen the subject by publishing from the month of January, plugs solutions to the attention of all actors in the distribution that many questions regarding the best strategy for entering the market .

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4 steps to support European Cloud

The EU wants to boost the productivity of businesses and governments through the Cloud. The European Commission presented on 27 September 4 measures "to exploit the potential of cloud computing in Europe "in the hope of creating 2.5 million new jobs in Europe and generate 160 billion euros per year for European GDP (about 1%) in 2020. This strategy is designed to accelerate and expand the use of cloud computing in all sectors of the economy.

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Sponsors EuroCloud France

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States General 2012 - Presentations

We offer you the presentations made at the States General of the Cloud Computing March 21, 2012 at the PICC. Only a portion of the workshops used media. We also offer online accounts of the exchanges during these workshops.

Presentations an

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