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JEREMIE Academy Speaker Series registration is mandatory

11/20/2012 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

A Jeremie VC makes a successful exit!

Our guests will be Cryo founder Csaba Pribenszky and his VC investor Andras Molnar. PortfoLion has closed its exit from Cryo Innovation with the sale of the company to Vitrolife, a publicly listed Swedish biotech firm. The sale marks the first successful exit made by a VC company that is part of the JEREMIE initiative.

Every so often, I am being accused that EEF fosters IT companies only. On 20 November we share a non-IT success story with you: Cryo gives Vitrolife strategic access to a host of time-lapse embryo monitoring systems that aid in increasing the chance of fertilization and subsequent pregnancy. We’ll cover the following topics: In what stage and why PortfoLion invested? Cryo and PortfoLion worked together not more than 21 months. What did they cover by that short period of time? How they worked together? What we learned together as achieving a successful exit?

The founders research interests were the primary pillars of the company

Controlled stress to improve cell performance: “What does not kill me will make me stronger” – the thoughts of Friedrich Nietzsche quoted from Twilight of the Idols, seems to support new applications in assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Cell stress, if it is applied in a controlled and finely tuned way increases cells` resistance against the forthcoming detrimental conditions let it be cryopreservation, enucleation, or in vitro culture.

Live cell imaging for morpho-dynamic embryo selection: Search for the stress free time-lapse solutions for the optimal comparative studies. Use these self-developed equipment for defining morpho-dynamic characteristics for the prediction of cell`s and embryos fate and potential. Pursue time-lapse based non-invasive embryo selection methods/algorithms for the benefit of human IVF and elective single embryo transfer.

Here you can read more about the exit, and if it catches your fancy, go and register for the event!

Learn More: JEREMIE Academy Speaker Series registration is mandatory

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