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Lean Prototyping: Tools & Tips to Get Data Faster

11/27/2012 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

What's on Tap:

◦Tools to hack together a prototype quickly

◦What to consider before building a prototype

◦Examples of prototypes that required no code

◦How to get data from users in your market


6:50 PM -- Ahson Wardak of U.S. SBA: What "prototype" and "data" means to Gov -- tests and pilots, how or other sources are valuable -- using the RFP-EZ project currently being launched via the Presidential Innovation Fellows program under CTO Todd Park.

7:10 PM -- Lauren Thorp of Umbabox: Which tools she used to prototype her subscription service last year, plus which offline tools she used to supplement that prototype. She'll also talk about how her team worked with Facebook to launch the prototype of its new Gifts feature.

7:30 PM -- Ben Morris: How to use jQuery mobile for quickly hacking together mobile sites/"apps" and Arduino for physical products.

7:40 PM -- John Nicholson: Examples (test clips) of prototype testing techniques he finds most helpful for lean startup apps/sites. These include 5-second tests, expectancy tests, and tree tests (rather than traditional task-focused usability tests).

7:50 PM -- Brian Lacey of Mobomo: How he leads daily design iterations using a combination of Balsamiq, bootstrap, HTML/jquery, and Photoshop.

8:00 PM -- Rick Whittemore of Sustainable Systems International: How he did customer discovery from across the world, then used home-building software to simulate a new solar-cooling system before building a prototype of it.

8:20 PM -- Steve Kaplan and Adam Young of Pillsbury: How to protect yourself from legal issues that arise from using other technologies in your prototype, and how a prototype is legally different from a final product.

We'll grab beers at the Hyatt Bar & Lounge afterward.

Learn More: Lean Prototyping Tools and Tips to Get Data Faster

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