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Startup Nations Summit: Unleashing Entrepreneurship

11/29/2012 9:30 AM - 11/30/2012 3:00 PM

The Startup Nations Summit brings together the leaders of national entrepreneurship initiatives and movements across the world to connect, share, learn and collaborate.

Connecting Catalysts - To share, exchange and learn

Leaders of national entrepreneurship movements and initiatives across the world will convene in an intimate two-day program in Ottawa, Canada.

Exchanging Ideas - With experts, entrepreneurs and innovators

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts, entrepreneurs and innovators at the forefront of the entrepreneurial movement.

Empowering Action - In advancing entrepreneurship worldwide

Entrepreneurial catalysts will work together to advance mutual efforts to accelerate entrepreneurial cultures, mindsets and activities.

The Startup Nations Summit brings together leaders of national entrepreneurship initiatives and campaigns from across the world to connect, share best practices, exchange knowledge, and develop collaborative approaches to advancing entrepreneurship locally, nationally and globally.


Day 1 - Connect, Share, Learn

9.30am ______ Registration & Breakfast

10.00am______Welcoming Remarks

*Rivers Corbett, Summit Chair

*Dr. Adam Chowaniec, Chair of Startup Canada

10.15am______Round Table Introductions, Debriefs & Objectives

10.45am______Turbo Panel A: Building a National Campaign

*Francis Moran, Startup Canada (Mod)

*Emma Jones, Startup Britain - S

*Samuel Guzman, Fundacion E, Mexico - S

11.30am______Turbo Panel B: Startup Communities

*Victoria Lennox, Startup Canada (Mod)

*Carolina Rossi, Startup Chile - S

*Donna Harris - Startup America

*Dan Gunn, CEO, Viatec

12.15pm______Keynote Luncheon

*Prof. Alan Barrell, EiR at Cambridge University

1.15pm ______Turbo Panel C: Building an Ecosystem

*Prof. Alan Barrell, EiR at Cambridge University (Mod)

*Sophia Leong, Director of the Telfer EMBA

*Rebecca Hwang, Startup Malaysia

*Paul Ledwell, EVP, Public Policy Forum

*Dave Watters, President, Global Advantage

2.30pm_______Turbo Panel D: Supporting Entrepreneurs

*Lanis Anthony, Startup Canada (Mod)

*Ines Silva, co-founder Startup Pirates (Portugal) - S

*Lorna Bladen, Startup Britain

*Sorin Cohn, board member Startup Canada

*Senia Rapisarda, BDC

3.45pm_______Reflections & Closing Words


5.00pm_______Global Delegates Dinner (Private)

7.00pm_______Startup Nations Panel & Reception (Shopify)

*Andrea Mandel-Campbell, MC

*Adam Chowaniec, Startup Canada Chairman

*Harley Finklestein, Shopify, Host Welcome


Rebecca Hwang, Startup Malaysia

Senia Rapisarda, Business Development Canada

Jonathan Ortmans, Kauffman Foundation ** Keynote

Alan Barrell, Cambridge University

Day 2 - Collaborate

9.00am ______Opening Remarks

9.15am_______Global Collaboration Break-Out Groups

*Mobility & Soft Landings (Mod. Alan Barrell)

*Mentorship (Mod.Jeremy O'Krafka)

*Education & Skills (Mod. Sophia Leong)

*Innovation & Strategies (Mod. Lidia Varbanova)

10.45am______Health Break

11.00am______Global Collaboration Break-Out Groups

*Research & Evaluation (Mod. Rebecca Hwang)

*Youth Entrepreneurship (Mod. Tessa Mintz)

*Crowd Funding (Mod. Lanis Anthony)

12.30pm______Keynote Luncheon

*Jamie Williams, Startup Britain

1.15pm_______The Future of the Startup Nations

*Vision, Mission, Mandate



*2013 Programming

2.15pm_______Closing Reflections Round Table

3.00pm_______Closing Words & Adjourn


The Startup Nations Summit features keynote speeches, turbo talks, panels and interactive roundtables amongst enterprise catalysts, entrepreneurs, innovators from across the world. Panelists, participants and speakers are currently being confirmed.

Learn More: Startup Nations Summit Unleashing Entrepreneurship

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