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Startup Open

11/12/2012 8:00 AM - 11/18/2012

Startup Open, a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week, is a global competition to identify and recognize startup companies founded between GEW 2011 and GEW 2012. It is open to any entrepreneurs who have just started, or are about to start, a new venture and have a “startup moment” between November 22, 2011, and November 20, 2012.

What is a startup moment? A startup moment can be when a business is incorporated; doors open for business; a first sale is completed; outside funding is secured; or something else that can be interpreted as the company is “open for business.”

Startup Open will announce and recognize the global ‘GEW 50’ – 50 of the most promising ventures from around the world, which will be selected by a range of criteria including strength of concept, growth projections, and knowledge of the market. Those 50 companies will then compete for a handful of prizes with the winners announced during Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 12-18, 2012.

Applicants will have from January 1 until September 15 to submit their startup. On October 15, the GEW 50 will be announced. Those companies will have until October 18 to review the judges’ comments and tweak their applications. The final round of judges will tally their scores and announce the winners during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012.

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