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Startup Venture Summit

11/28/2012 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Agenda and Schedule

VENTURE FORUM HELD DURING ENTIRE DAY IN MEETING ROOMS. The Venture Forum will be held during the day in several breakout rooms. Selected companies will each pitch for 4 minutes followed by 4 minutes of comments from three judges. The three startups with highest scores will pitch to entire audience at the end of day. All Deluxe ticket holders may attend venture sessions.

8:00 – 9:00 | Registration and continental breakfast

9:00-9:45 | The Brass Ring–Investor and Entrepreneur with Successful Exits that Sold Their Ventures

Hear firsthand experiences of successful entrepreneurs and investors that sold their companies. Learn about how they developed a revenue strategy, worked with a management team, attracted a purchaser, negotiated deal terms, and valuation. Entrepreneurs discuss how they raised capital, their challenges and opportunities, how they attracted customers, and sold their companies for millions of dollars.

-Gil Ebaz, Founder, Factual, Serial Entrepreneur

-Michael Metzger, Principal, Couvert & Co. Investment Banker

-Jon Ferrera, Founder and CEO, Nimble, Serial Entrepreneur

-Thomas McInerney, Angel Investor

-Moderator: Mark Landay, Owner, Dynamic Synergy Executive Recruitment and Angel Investor

9:50-10:30 Fireside Chat: Nicole Glaros, Managing Director, TechStars Boulder...How Accelerators Are Fueling the Entrepreneurship Movement With a New Approach to Investing

TechStars is a mentorship-driven seed accelerator with locations in Boston, Boulder, NYC, and Seattle with an extraodinary success rate at attracting funding, facilitating exits and finding partners for their startups. They provide capital, strategic advice and mentorship. Their program is viewed as the model for other incubators and is highly competitive. They typically get 700-800 applicants for each program, and only 10 companies get accepted (in NYC, it’s 20 since they have 2 programs.

10:40-11:20 | Panel : Attracting Venture Capital for Early and Mid Stage Startups

-Ryan Azlein Partner, Stubbs Alderton

-Jon Basset, Analyst, DFJ Frontier

-Jim Andelman Managing Partner, Rincon Ventures

-David Traverse, Partner, Rustic Canyon Partners

-Moderator: Len Lanzi, Executive Director, LAVA (LA Venture Association)

11:20-11:40 | Networking Break

11:40-12:30 | Breakout Sessions...Finding Funding and Strategic Partners for Games, Entertainment, and Content Based Ventures

-Sujay Tile, VP Business Development, Scopely

-David Austin, Senior Director Emerging Technology, Turner Media Camp

Getting Funding: Pitfalls and Challenges from Entrepreneurs that Got Funded...Hear from startups that raised funding about their strategies, how they met angels and VC firms, due diligence, lessons learned, and tips for success.

-Alex Capecelatro, Founder and CEO, At The Pool

-Holden Steinberg, Co-Founder and President, PageWoo

Equity Crowdfunding and the New Jobs Act...Understand implications, legal issues, and opportunities created by new Jobs Act for startups and investors.

-Sarah Tripp Stephen, Marketing and Communications,

-Mark Schwartz, Angel Investor, Harvard Business Angels, Investor for Invested.In

Social Entrepreneurship Doing Well by Doing Good- Partnerships between Nonprofits and For Profit Ventures

We discuss collaboration between nonprofits, for-profit social enterprises and corporate social responsibility initiatives designed to foster common social missions. Perspectives and case studies with examples of these win/win partnerships.

Using Pinterest and Twitter to Promote Your Brand

-Josh Ochs, Founder and Author, Media Leaders

Venture Pitch

Preselected startups each give five minutes pitch to panel of judges, followed by eight minutes of questions and comments from judges.

12:30 -1:30 | Networking Lunch and Visit Demo Showcase; Lunch Keynote

1:30 -2:15 | Breakout Sessions

Partnerships from Silicon Valley: How Startups and Investors Can Partner with Bay Area Investors:

Hear from bay area firms for early stage funds, and LA based startups with bay area investors.on their perspectives of the significant economic, market and competitive dynamics shaping the bay area current investment strategies. Learn how to work with Bay area or strategic investors as partners or investors to maximize your success. Can you get funded without being based in the Bay area or should you move?

-Sam Friedman, CEO and Founder, Park Me

-Andrew Tweed, Associate, Thomvest Ventures

Acquisition Strategies are All About Timing–When is the right time to sell?

Every day we hear about large companies like Google, Facebook and Comcast acquiring statups with unique features such as innovative technologies, massive audience reach or highly sought after management teams. Many companies get offers but its viewed as too low a valuation. How do you know the right timing of when to sell, and how to evaluate an offer? What are current trends in acquisition?

What are essential issues for both startups and acquiring companies to consider?

-Howard Levine, Partner, Cypress LLP

-Darin Chen, Managing Director, Hillcrest Venture Partners

Crowdfunding Donation Platforms: Best Practices to Raise Funds...Hear from experts and entrepreneurs who raised funds for media, nonprofits, entertainment and tech ventures using crowdfunding. Learn how startups can use these new laws to raise up to $1Million from friends, family and complete strangers.

-David Harviliz, Founder and CEO, When You Wish

-Aggie Kobrin, Founder, CrowdFunding Live

-David Carter, C0-Founder and Strategic Advisors, Amplify LA

Social Entrepreneurship and Cause Marketing

Venture Pitch...Preselected startups each give five minutes pitch to panel of judges, followed by eight minutes of questions and comments from judges.

2:30-3:15 | Breakout Sessions

Accelerators and Incubators: A New Approach to Investing and Mentorship

-Howard Marks, Founder, Start Engine, Los Angeles

-Chris Redlitz, Kicklabs, Startup Accelerator SF

-Jim Huston, Founder, ,Managing Director, Portland Seed Fund

Can Women Can Have it All? Or Is that a Myth– Securing Capital, Balancing Work and Home Life, Understanding Tech, Attracting Good Management Teams

Today, an estimated 50% of small businesses are owned by women (12.4 million firms generating $2.5 trillion in sales, 2007) and for the past two decades women-owned firms have grown at twice the rate of all other firms. Yet women entrepreneurs still lag behind male owned firms in key areas. We explore unique obstacles, demands and challenges women face when creating and growing their own ventures. Hear from investors and entrepreneurs about issues they faced.

Exit Strategies and Early Stage IP Opportunities and Risks in Today’s Market

How does the view of the IPO market impact your investments. Before investing, you need to know the key issues related to liquidity and exit opportunities including current trends in mergers and acquisitions. How is the economy impacting IPO? How do you find a buyer? What is the outlook for financial markets to impact exits and M&A activity. How will investors strengthen their interests and portfolio company growth in light of these market conditions? Learn about current expectations from prospective acquiring companies, the public capital markets and address governance and regulatory issues related to liquidity events.

-Ivan Nikkhoo, Managing Director, Siemer & Associates

Bootstrapped, Single Founder, Self Funded, and Loving It?

Many startups don’t want outside investments and turn it down. Instead, they deliberately choose to bootstrap and grow organically on a lean budget without third party funding. Hear from self funded founders who made this choice, and learn the pitfalls and opportunities they encountered.

Social Venture Pitch

This session will feature emerging for-profit social entrepreneur who will be give five minutes to pitch their enterprise to a panel of impact investors, foundations, public affairs officers, and advisors. The judges will have five minutes to ask questions and give feedback to the entrepreneurs on the idea and quality of the pitch. What are impact investors thinking when they encounter an entrepreneur who wants to generate both financial and social returns?

3:30-4:00 | Fast Track Breakout Sessions

...Some tracks where indicated will focus on a vertical market.

All other sessions are generic and apply to any market.

Vertical Market Focus: Media, Entertainment and Hollywood

Hear presentation on specific strategies for media and entertainment startups including attracting customers, forging partnerships, negotiating deals with studios and networks, and forming relationships with traditional media powerhouses.

Best Practices for eCommerce and Online Sales

Understand how to accelerate and maximize online sales for your products and services. Learn how to select a commerce vendor, costs and fees for transactions, liabilities and risks. We address other topics such as trends, social and mobile commerce, the cloud, security, global payments and e-marketing.

Inside Tips and Metrics for Twitter and Facebook for Startups

Everyone agrees that Twitter is a great communications tool, but how can it help your company recruit customers; deliver your message and generate revenue? We hear about the best tools and programs for using Twitter to its full advantage with examples. Learn how marketing, PR and brand managers are using twitter to deliver complex brand messages and increase public exposure.

-Apryl DeLancey, Director of Marketing & Social Media,Blaze Public Relations

Social Ventures and Nonprofits: Visionary Philanthropists and Impact Investing

Foundations and investors recognize the importance of promoting technology solutions to advance health and welfare, environmental and social causes. These players are providing management support and financial capital to social enterprises to promote these new options and build capacity. What are some of the cutting-edge organizations both funding and being funded in this space? Where is technology being used most effectively? What are the next big technological innovations that are paving new paths for the social sector?

Venture Pitch

Preselected startups each give five minutes pitch to panel of judges, followed by eight minutes of questions and comments from judges.

Pitch for Film, TV, Video, Games, and Music Projects

Preselected projectseach give five minutes pitch to panel of judges, followed by eight minutes of questions and comments from judges. This session is for content based projects only, not technologies.

-Page Ostrow, Founder, Producers Representative, Ostrow and Company

4:15-5:00 | Seminars

Practical Tips and Best Practices to Rasining Money from Crowdfunding

Learn step by step practical steps and best practices on how to use crowdfunding platforms to meet your goals and raise funds for media, nonprofits, entertainment and tech . Just has raised over $250,000 for film projects in Kickstarterand will share his inside secrets.

-Justin Massion, Founder, Jam Studios, Raised $250,000 for Film and TV Projects on Kickstarter

Beyond Buzz: Using Public Relations to Grow Your Business and Giving Media Interviews

Public relations and media exposure offers a low cost way to engage your target market, attract partners and investors, and increase your profile. But you can spend a lot of money creating social media buzz and increasing the interest in your site, but it’s a waste unless you have a well thought out strategy to convert those fleeting viewers to long term paying customers Learn how to tell a storty to the media, adn give compelling media interviews to increase your exposure.

-Gayle Murphy, Broadcaster and Media Consultant

Focus on Underrepresented Minorities (African American, Latino, Native American)–

Developing Scale and Capacity to Grow Your Business

According to Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) reports, there are more han 4.1 million minority-owned businesses, which is the fastest growing business sector of the U.S. economy. Yet many minority entrepreneurs rely on short-term debt to finance their business – for example, revolving credit lines or business and personal credit cards. In the current climate, not only is it more difficult to receive loans and services from financial institutions, but the price of borrowing is too high. This reduces cash flow and stunts the expansion of minority businesses, resulting in decreased growth and capacity and therefore, fewer jobs generated. How can we make sure that minority firms have access to capital to grow, and resources to increase in size, scope and capacity.

Bringing a Product to Market: Developing Your Sales and Marketing Plan

Make sure you know what your customers want to buy, and don’t get sidetracked on what you want to sell. Learn how to conduct low cost market research and determine who will buy the product and why. Learn how to develop a plan to meet your objectives; determine pricing; get the most for your advertising dollars; create effective messaging; and design a powerful marketing program to drive leads.

Using Mobile Apps and Strategies for Small Business Owners

This session will explore best practices to develop a mobile app, using mobile apps to bolster your brand, revenue opportunities and cost for apps, and successful partnerships.

-Rob Mallery, Dir of Corporate Development, Originate

Venture Pitch

Preselected startups each give five minutes pitch to panel of judges, followed by eight minutes of questions and comments from judges.

Planning and Presenting your Pitch

We address best practices for investor presentations with a focus on how to position your company as an attractive investment opportunity. Included in this session will be the essentials for presentations to angels, venture capitalists, strategic investors, potential partners and other investment sources with samples of slides you can take home. It will also cover key differences in presenting to strategic vs. financial investors.

5:30-7:30 | Networking Reception and Demo Showcase

5:30-6:30 | 2 1/2 Minute Fast Pitch:

During the networking party, we will have tables with investors identified by their areas of interest. You can stand in line and get 3 minutes to pitch investors. Be prepared to hand them your card. They will keep track of companies which interest them for a follow up call or meeting. At 6:30 we will prepare and post a list of companies where investors request ollow up discussion, and you can contact them for follow up calls or meetings.

Learn More: Startup Venture Summit

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