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iOS Development Crash Course

11/13/2012 8:00 AM - 11/16/2012 4:00 PM

Event Details

Want to learn how to make iOS apps from scratch? If so, this hands-on 4 day training course is for you. This comprehensive course is instructed by veteran iOS expert Justin Junda (more about Justin at the bottom of this page). During the 4 day course (9AM-5PM) you will learn iOS programming through step-by-step instructions and many hands-on exercises. We’ll be using XCode 4.

You’ll leave this class confident knowing you can start building your first iOS app.

Who is this Class for?

This class is for existing programmers new to iOS development. Contact us if you’re not sure this course is right for you.

What You’ll Learn

Programming with Objective-C Fundamentals

iOS apps are built using Objective-C, an object oriented programming language. Though this is not a class on programming with Objective-C, you’ll learn enough to tackle iOS development.

Fundamental Programming Concepts

Variables, Statements, and Expressions

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Scooting around iOS and XCode

iOS Developer Essentials

A Tour of XCode

The iOS Simulator

Testing on an iOS Device

iOS Application Basics

Application States, Windows, Views, and View Controllers Frameworks

Introduction to Storyboards

Handling User Input

Communication with Your Users

Action Views

Actions Sheets

Adding Images to Your View

The UIImage Class

The UIImageView Class


Navigation Controllers & Table Views

Understanding how navigation within an iOS environment works.

Navigation Controller Interface & Hierarchy

Table Views, Styles, Types & Design

Tab Bars and Toolbars

Creating Page Based Applications

The PageViewController Class

Delegate and Data Source

The Page-Based Application Template

Creating UI Elements Programming & Views

UIButton, UILabel & UIImageView

The UIScrollView Class

Scroll Views and Text Fields

Popovers and Modal Views

Basic File Handling

The IOS File System

Introducing the NSFileManager Class

Object Serialization

Property Lists

Property List Types

Creating Property Lists

Property List Editor

Application Settings

Adding a Settings Bundle

Reading Preferences with Code

Introduction to Core Data

Brief Overviews

Brief Overview of XMLParsing with NSXMLParser

Brief Overview of JSON

Brief Overview of Consuming Soap Web Services

Touches and Gestures

Touch Events & Phases

Tap Counting

Gesture Events, Handling & Recognizer Phases

Where’s Waldo? Introducing Core Location

Handling Location Updates, Errors and Hardware Availability

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Obtaining Compass Headings

Introducing Map

Adding Annotations

Using the Camera and Photo Library

Building Background Aware Applications

Understanding Background Suspension

Executing Background Code

Creating Local Notifications

Ad hoc and App Store distribution

Obtaining and Registering UDIDs

Creating an App ID (Bundle Identifier)

Creating a Distribution Certificate

Creating a Provisioning Profile

Configuring Your Project for Distribution

App Store Distribution

What You’ll Get

Here's what's included with the course:

Course material in form of a binder

Example codes and exercises

A certificate of course completion

Pre-course video to get you and your computer ready for class

Breakfast and lunch everyday

Things to Bring?

Fresh attitudes ready for learning.

Mac Laptop, running Mountain Lion.

iOS device is preferred but not absolutely required as most of the apps can run on the iPhone simulator.

Instructor: Justin Junda

Justin is a senior software developer and entrepreneur with over twelve years of progressive programming experience with proven success in Electrical, Software and Computational Engineering, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), interactive design, and instructional design for intelligence, imagery, and systems training in commercial, Military, and government organizations. Justin is a ROCKSTAR programmer working for some of the largest commercial and government contractors in the business including Google, Blackboard, SAIC, Camber, Northrop Grumman and CACI in not only iOS development but also engineering as a whole. Also, he produced numerous award-winning products in video production for clients like Pepsi Co and Doritos, entertainment services; all while still maintain his true love of teaching others.

His creative thinking and out of the box processes makes him a standout developer. Justin has written and published numerous articles and video publications on topics ranging from iPhone / iOS, Flash, PHP, WordPress, Web Security, HTML5 App Development and even Blender. He is an active developer in the community of Los Angeles and looks forward to help growing the community.

Learn More: iOS Development Crash Course

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