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re:BUILD @ Tampa Bay Windows Development UG

11/27/2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Way back in the day we used to have an annual re:MIX event that occurred the next meeting after the MIX conference. Well, MIX is no more and last year we weren't prepared to do this..

Our conference recap event with lightning talks all night will happen Tuesday, November 27th starting at 6pm. We have food, we have a venue (the MS Offices), we have a few speakers lined up (and will have a few more soon)... We have a barrage of content from the conference so we are ready to roll!

Call for Speakers

If you went to BUILD (or just watched a lot of content), we want you to come speak to us. We aren't looking for polish (or even code). We are looking for passion. What single thing excited you the most at BUILD (beyond the obvious of a Surface, a Nokia 920, AND 100gb of SkyDrive). Come talk about it! Tell us why it was cool to you, and what it means for the rest of us! Contact if you want to do it.

This event is not to be missed. It will be a fun time for all (and was always one of our most popular back in the day).

Speakers Thus Far:

•Michael Stark - Azure Mobile Services

•David Buksbaum - C++ plus WPF Highlights

•Brian Kassay -TBD (SignalR or WebAPI)

•Nikita Polyakov - WP8 Stuff

•Kevin Wolf - 50ft overview of DirectX

•Bill Reiss

•And you! (there's still room!)

Learn More: reBUILD Tampa Bay Windows Development UG

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