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10/6/2012 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM invites you to a private hackathon celebrating the launch of our new developer tools and expansion into NYC.


Saturday, October 6

9 am to 9 pm

Pivotal Labs, 841 Broadway, 8th Floor

Dinner and Demos starting at 7 pm


The hackers are the best of the best. The guest judges are intimidatingly accomplished. The prizes are even better than the ones on Press Your Luck. Lunch is generously provided by with on-the-spot crepes from The Crooked Tree, followed by a special Southern-inspired dinner from NYC favorite Peels. Check out the agenda.


Attendence is limited to 35 people and invitations are non-transferrable. You're on the list because loves you. If there are awesome folks you want to include, we're holding a few spots open. Let us know.


Erik Nordlander, Google Ventures

Erik joined the Google Ventures team in 2010 as an engineering partner. Erik was a developer on Google’s core engineering infrastructure, including a distributed file system that key products, such as and Gmail, rely on today.

Amanda Hesser, Food52

Amanda Hesser is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. She is a co-founder of and has been named one of the 50 most influential women in food by Gourmet. As a longtime staffer at the New York Times, Hesser wrote more than 750 stories and was the food editor at the Times Magazine.

Adam Rothenberg, TechStars

Adam Rothenberg is the Director of TechStars a mentorship-driven seed stage accelerator program in New York City. Adam is also a Principal of the BoxGroup, an angel fund that invests in talented entrepreneurs building disruptive technology companies.


-IFTTT food ordering that takes different ifs and turns them in to orders or restaurant recommendations.

-Group ordering. A better way for startups to order together.

-Predictive food ordering app that auto-suggests a random meal -- no choice accept yes/no.

-Spotify integration to build a playlist for to listen to while you wait and eat.

-Meal scheduler. Food ordering calendar that lets you plan meals in advance then triggers the order when confirmed.

-Daily order reminder. Never work through a meal again. Email hits at 11:30am with a list of 2-3 restaurants.

-An app that is like a house account with a restaurant, except it is with the app. Group members can order anything from the same card account. Startups or families good targets.

-Chrome plugin, Apple desktop app, Google Cal plugin (meeting scheduled for noon? Suggest restaurants)

-Dinner Gift app that lets someone buy someone else a meal. The purchase is made for a specific meal. The recipient can accept and schedule, apply the amount to a different restaurant, or bank the money. The app auto-generates a thank you email

-Geofenced ordering. Finds your location and suggests ordering depending on where you are. At the office at 8pm? Up pops a list of local favorites.

-A refinement on group ordering - make it real time so you see what people are adding immediately.

-Multi-restaurant/multi-person ordering.

-An IM/IRC/Hubot bot for ordering.

-A random meal generator that figures out actually reasonable random meals.

So come hack, eat and have fun with us!

The Team

Learn More: HackFood

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