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Legal Stuff Explained 2.3: Equity Compensation Hacks

10/4/2012 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Legal Stuff Explained 2.3

Equity Compensation Hacks (for founders & startup employees)

When: Thursday, October 4th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Where: NYU-Poly Incubator, 20 Jay Str. #313, 11201 Brooklyn

Going to work for a startup? Hiring employees for your startup? Whether you’re a potential employee or a founder, you need to answer questions like: how much equity should I give to my employee? How should I balance between equity and cash compensation? How much are my stock options worth? How do I know if I’m accepting a good offer?

Equity compensation is really important, but can get pretty complicated. Improve your understanding of both the business and the legal implications of stock and options. Hear from an experienced startup employee, a founder/investor, and a startup lawyer about compensating, and being compensated, through part ownership. Charlie O’Donnell (Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and founder of Path 101 and NextNY), Jamie Lee (Operations Director at Tipping Point Partners), and Zeke Vermillion (Adler, Vermillion & Skocilich LLP) will discuss the issues surrounding equity that founders and potential employees should consider when negotiating employee compensation and answer questions from the audience.

This workshop will cover:

-understanding startup equity and basic valuation methods

-vesting and different types of stock such as restricted and common

-balancing between salary, equity, and benefits

-determining a fair offer using the company’s market value, industry standards, and where the company is right now in terms of financing/valuation

-navigating offers and counteroffers

-company transparency: how much information should you give potential employees so they can make a better-informed decision

-how to decide whether to leave your stable/well-compensating job for a startup

Learn More: Legal Stuff Explained 23 Equity Compensation Hacks

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