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Predictable Revenue: Getting to Your First Million in Sales

10/4/2012 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

In this class, Aaron Ross the creator of's $100M outbound sales team will talk about how to create predictable revenues for your company and hit your first million in sales. The class is designed for CEOs, Co-Founders and Heads of Sales working on products that are either ready to market or already being sold.

What we'll be covering:

-Why you must specialize your salespeople

-Why use the three kinds of leads, "Seeds, Nets & Spears" in marketing planning & with the Board

-How to build an outbound sales machine that adds millions in revenue without using cold calls; rather, by using high-response email templates that generate referrals from C-level executives.

-Best people practices (hiring, developing, promoting)

-Open to questions so make sure you bring them

Learn More: Predictable Revenue Getting to Your First Million in Sales

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