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Open Data Exchange

4/6/2013 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

A mini-conference to discuss the successes and challenges of extracting value from Open Data for civic engagement, international aid transparency, scientific research, and more!

Une mini-conférence pour discuter des réussites – et des défis – de la mise en valeur des données ouvertes en matière d’engagement citoyen, de transparence dans l’utilisation des fonds publics, de recherche scientifique, et plus encore!

Jan 16 '13



Morning Session - Open Data Stories; Panel Discussions

9:00 AM Introduction and Welcome

9:15 AM Winning with Open Data - Panel 1

Michael Lenczner, CEO, Ajah

James McKinney, Technical Lead, Open North

Michael Roberts, Co-founder, Acclar & IATI

Pete Forde (moderator), Hacker Tourist

10:10 AM Les données ouvertes en action - Panel 2

Guillaume Ducharme, gestionnaire dans le réseau de la santé et membre du collectif Démocratie Ouverte

Sébastien Pierre, fondateur, FFunction & Montréal Ouvert

Josée Plamondon, développeur ContratsNet

Jean-Noé Landry (l’animateur de discussion), fondateur, Montréal Ouvert et Québec Ouvert

11:05 AM Future Avenues for Open Data - Panel 3

Corey Chivers, PhD candidate, Biology, McGill & Montreal R User Group

Tracey Lauriault, Open Data advocate & Postdocotral Fellow, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University

Benjamin Rollert, Business Intelligence lead, Wajam

Ted Strauss (moderator), Co-founder, Trudat

12:00 PM Lunch will be provided

Afternoon Session - Digging into Data; Workshop and Lightning Talks

1:00 PM Data Dive Intro - Exploratory Data Analysis with Trudat

1:30 PM Data Dive

We will dive into interesting Open Data sets with experts on hand to guide us through the weeds, including data on

International Aid

Government contracts


and more…

3:00 PM Lightning Talks

Christian Gendreau, Canadensys

Jennifer Morrow, UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Anahi Ayala, Internews

Trina Chiasson, InfoActive

Trevor Bekolay, Waterloo University

Heri Rakotomalala, MTL NewTech

Julia Evan, MTL all-girl hack night

Steve Reitano, Open Data Survey

and more…

4:00 PM Present data insights

4:45 PM Closing remarks

Learn More: Open Data Exchange

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