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Unleashing the Power of Data to Help Change the World feat CartoDB Foursquare and Public Lab

4/4/2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

What is citizen science? It's a movement in which ordinary citizens are helping professional scientists collect and analyze data.

Join the New York Technology Council (NYTECH), StartupBus NYC, AlleyNYC and our supporters for a technology networking party and panel discussion on how data visualization and citizen science are driving the development of new technologies and helping to improve life on Earth. Our all-star panel will explain:

how ordinary citizens are collecting, sharing and using data, especially in crisis situations (i.e. Hurricane Sandy)

how check-ins via Foursquare provides insight into human behavior

amazing interactive maps generated from large data sets

different ways you can get involved in citizen science

current projects taking place in the field

You'll also receive a brief introduction to the upcoming International Space Apps Challenge, a two-day hackathon led by NASA that is taking place on April 20-21, 2013 in New York City.

Doors open at 6:00PM for networking, discussion starts at 7:00 PM. Pizza and soda provided by Twilio.


Andrew Hill, Senior Scientist, CartoDB/Vizzuality

Andrew earned his Masters and Ph.D. in biology, studying in Boulder, Colorado. He has a broad interest in how new technologies can drive scientific questions and the process of creating knowledge in new ways.

His biology research has always had a technology bent, focusing on informatics and the use of big data. This has allowed him to move across diverse domains within biology, including epidemiology, microbiology, biodiversity informatics, and phyloinformatics.

Andrew now works at Vizzuality and CartoDB where he continues to exploration the relationship between science and technology. His ultimate goal is a future full of open source tools and easily accessible data that will empower scientific discovery for a better world.

Liz Barry, Data Scientist, The Public Laboratory

Liz is an activist and designer interested in collaborative urban environments. She spent her early days in New York catalyzing public interactions on sidewalks and subway stations with a giant "Talk To Me" sign as well as working 25 floors above Wall Street (SOM) designing international new cities and campuses. Liz is originally from North Carolina where she managed an urban agriculture youth enterprise called the Durham Inner-city Gardeners (DIG). Currently, when she is not hoisting cameras up on balloons (with Public Laboratory) or hugging trees with tape measures (with TreeKIT), Liz teaches geospatial tools for urban design at Columbia, Parsons, and Pratt.

David Hu, Developer Advocate, Foursquare

David is Foursquare's Developer Advocate, helping a community of 40,000+ developers build location-powered applications. He's a regular attendee of hackathons as both a participant and mentor and has a background in web programming. He has previously worked for Microsoft and Codecademy, and is currently in his final semester at Columba University pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science.


Sara-Jayne Farmer, CTO, Change Assembly

As the CTO at Change Assembly, Sara-Jayne designs and builds systems that link artificial reasoning, community-based mapping, open data, big data/ data science and unmanned systems, to help find early signs of crisis in very large data streams. She has a background in systems engineering, innovations management, information fusion, knowledge management, intelligent systems and autonomy. Sara-Jayne is also a compulsive CrisisMapper, a team lead at Standby Task Force, a lead at CrisismappersNYC, and a former lead of CrisisCampUK.



The New York Technology Council is a nonprofit organization focused on educating and bringing people together in tech. We organize panel discussions, networking events and joint activities with smart, like-minded individuals and community organizations.

The StartupBus is an invitation-only group of hackers, designers and business minds as well as an annual competition. Each year 30-35 strangers hop on a bus bound for Austin, TX, and in three days conceive, build and launch a start-up that will be pitched to potential investors.

AlleyNYC is a new co-working space located at 500 Seventh Avenue. It spans 16,000 square feet and is the host of many exciting events, including this year's International Space Apps Challenge.

Learn More: Unleashing the Power of Data to Help Change the World feat CartoDB Foursquare and Public Lab

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