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Warner Bros Media Camp Accelerator Deadline



The Media Camp Academy is open to early-stage startups and entrepreneurs focused on the media space, with an existing shipping product.

Applications will be evaluated by our team with input from our mentors.


Applicants will be evaluated on:

Product / Service



Business Viability

Market Opportunity

Interest Areas

Some of the areas we’re particularly interested in are listed below. The list is not exhaustive, and we’re open to hearing any media related idea.

1. Enhance the value and experience of digital ownership

Reimagining digital products; Improving the experience of purchasing content and managing libraries.

2. Create meaningful applications powered by data

Extracting value from data (through user profiles, content recognition technology, recommendation algorithms, predictive analysis, etc.) and building innovative tools and applications.

3. Pioneer next generation user interfaces

Rethinking the way people discover, access and consume movies, TV, and video games: Optimized experiences for different situations, including the living room of the future and on-the-go; Frictionless transition between devices and platforms; Complimentary (2nd screen) experiences.

4. Transform what it means to be a fan

Unleashing characters and brands beyond individual releases or broadcasts; Trans-media offerings that live outside traditional distribution timeframes, across devices and platforms; Tightening the feedback loop between fans and creators.

5. Cultivate new production technologies and the business models they enable

Taking advantage of new technologies to make content production—all types of content—more efficient and more participatory: New production tools and processes for new types of content and new distribution models (Digital originals, mobile games, etc.); Platforms/services to expose production process to build awareness and engagement (“Camera-to-Consumer”).

Learn More: Warner Bros Media Camp Accelerator Deadline

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