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Content Strategy: How to Get Grassroots Growth

8/1/2013 8:15 PM - 9:45 PM



Fast forward a few months: your product or service is booming and the social networks are alight with your name. How did you develop such a loyal following? How, without a PR department, an advertising budget, a big-name producer or professional marketing? The answer is simple: you told the real story of your creative endeavors to people who matter.


>Delivery, not take out: go find your readers, not visa versa
>Dedication over sheer reach: value an enfranchised user base over a huge one
>Tell the behind the scenes story: don’t talk to people like a stranger
>Post always, not sometimes: consistency and quality is vital


Beginner - Intermediate level. For people who already have a creative project, but are looking for good press, a bigger audience, or journalistic coverage. Something to take notes on, paper or digital. Have a personal profile already made on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+.


Chris Dannen - Senior Editor, Technology, FastCompany

Chris is a Senior Editor at FastCompany digital and the lead technology editor of Co.Labs, the experimental publishing lab here in New York City. He is the co-creator of Writebot and makes experimental iOS apps at Dannen / White in Brooklyn.

Previously, Chris wrote for CBS MoneyWatch, Forbes, MIT Technology Review, The Atlantic, INC, Rolling Stone and Discover magazines. He was a staff consultant for ReD Associates in Copenhagen and New York, where he worked mostly on user interface projects for Samsung Electronics. As an independent consultant for Microsoft Corp, Chris created the very first official UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone.

Chris has written two books on iOS design and development and one book about Google Voice, available on Amazon. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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