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Design Studio Methodology Workshop

8/1/2013 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM



The Design Studio methodology drives practical innovation through a rapid, collaborative process to generate ideas quickly across stakeholders from multiple disciplines. In this workshop, we’ll learn how to rapidly sketch experiences, present them to others, critique, and iterate into formalized solutions. No matter what stage your company is in or whether or not you’re a designer, you’ll leave with a thorough understanding of the design studio methodology and how to apply these practical methods to get from problem to testable solutions in a day.


>Introductions, split into groups
>Intro to design studio
>Present problem statement, personas, and background research


>Individual Sketch


>Individual Sketch
>Group Sketch


>Thorough understanding of the design studio methodology—learn by doing
>Learn how to get from problem to testable solutions in a day
>Learn systematic creativity methods and decision making models that help give structure to potentially chaotic brainstorm sessions
>Learn how to apply these methods in your own company, the leanest startups and the biggest companies alike


Some experience in the software product design process either as a product manager, designer, developer, marketer, or founder.


Thomas Wendt - Senior UX Strategist, Commerce Innovation, American Express

Thomas Wendt is a user experience strategist and researcher based in New York City. He is part theorist and part practitioner, firmly believing that theory and practice need to learn how to play nice if we’re ever going to be truly innovative. He comes from a background in psychology, philosophy, and literary theory. Professional and academic interests include theories of context, semiotics, embodied cognition, artificial intelligence, and philosophy of technology. He has worked and consulted for agencies, startups, and Fortune 100 companies on projects ranging from mobile and tablet design to NUI design to new product development within innovation labs.

Will Evans - Executive Producer, Lean UX NYC

Will Evans is the Director of User Experience Design and Research at The Library Corporation as well as TLCLabs, the enterprise innovation lab. At TLC, Will is responsible for working across the organization to create extraordinary user experiences and new product innovations. He lives in New York, NY, drinks far too much coffee, and wears only black. He Co-Founded and Co-Chaired the LeanUXNYC and AgileUX NYC conferences. He runs the Lean Strategy and Design meetup, and a frequent international speaker on LeanUX, Design, Design Thinking, and Epistemology.

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