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VentureOutNY| The Brazilian: A Tech Demo Event

8/6/2013 7:00 PM - 8/9/2013 9:00 PM

From August 5th to 9th, VentureOutNY & Aceleratech are hosting "The Brazilian", a 5-day New York market accelerator for kick ass Brazilian startups looking to make a splash in NYC. The week will kick off with "The Brazilian", a networking event featuring demos from our tech founders and an esteemed panel of New York venture investors, caipirinhas, Brazilian appetizers, and, of course, some inappropriate "waxing jokes". So, if you're a kick ass Brazilian startup, apply here.

Why Apply?
>First, because it's a blast. See the fun had at our Coming To America and NY Meets Tech City events.
>Second, the purpose of VentureOutNY’s regionally-focused programs is to promote a select group of premier technology entrepreneurs to New York's technology community, helping accelerate their expansion to New York via...

Capital Introduction
>We identify early stage investors interested in your technology and schedule face-to-face engagements for each startup.
>Service Providers: We identify local partners that can assist with immigration,U.S. business formation, U.S. taxes, sales strategy, social media stategy, and more.
>Brand Promotion: Startups gain exposure through multiple channels...
>200 to 300 audience members @ the British Invasion event
>Website, social media and newsletter promotion
>Partner Promotion: The largest technology organizations in NYC promote our events and featured startups to their members via newsletters and social media

Why New York?
>New York is where startups go to get funded: from 2007-2011, venture deals increased by 33% in NY while decreasing 10% in Silicon Valley.
>New York is the global capital of the fashion, finance, media, advertising, and publishing industries.
>New York is the coolest town on the planet. Just ask Jay Z and Alicia or Mike Bloomberg.
>It's the platform for the world's future entrepreneurs and startups.

The Process:
>Startups complete the VentureOutNY application.
>Finalists are chosen and travel arrangements made.
>VentureOutNY customizes a schedule of introductions and meetings for each finalist.
>Finalists arrive, give a killer demo, attend sweet tech events and get plugged into NYC's tech scene.

We Are Seeking Sponsors

Interested in participating in VentureOutNY's innovative approach to growing, diversifying, and enriching the NY tech community? Potential event sponsors and partners should contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there!

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