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Xing Melbourne Group Monthly Networking Meeting

8/1/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The Xing Melbourne Group hosts a free business social networking event - on the first Thursday night of every month, starting at 6PM (18:00h) which is a popular time with members working in the city.

We meet at the European Bier Cafe in Exhibition Street, in the heart of Melbourne. (Usually upstairs in the lounge bar). With more than 1,000 online members (many of whom are resident overseas) we usually attract a good crowd of talkative people form the middle and upper echelons of Melbourne corporate life, and we would like to grow that number with your attendance. There are always new faces as well as the regulars who come along almost every month!

When you attend, you will meet valuable new contacts and you'll be able to network to build trust and to exchange potential opportunities - in business, job-search, accommodation, education, or just for social reasons.

If you are new to the group, I personally guarantee the organiser on the night will introduce you to at least three people you'll be able to talk to. From there it's up to you...

If you want to bring a group of friends that's OK too (the invitation says you can bring one fnend, that's just a software limitation - you are welcome to bring everyone you know!).

Come along to catch up with friends and colleagues over a drink, or try something to eat (the food is great)! There have been some really good conversations started at past events - laying the foundation for lasting relationships..

What is networking at Xing Melbourne Group like? It's a social affair - lots of bright and interesting people meeting up in a relaxed environment to discuss what's going on in Melbourne, to network with one another about business and career development, accommodation finding and sharing, cultural events, tips on upcoming business opportunities, politics, fashion, the economy, sport, comedy, movies, music... and a general good time.

People looking for business relationships should know that these usually come about through referral from your personal networks - so grow your connections through face-to-face events like Xing and develop a wider range of potential business contacts. What's your Networking Quotient? (Details at

Our monthly event is technically from 7PM-9PM but it's better to turn up earlier or later than not at all... If the fancy takes you, you can stay longer. At some meetings I have heard people say they 'kicked on' with a group from the last meeting until the early hours of the next morning!

Venue for our monthly meet-up is the fabulous European Bier Café at the Paris end of Exhibition St which is nice and handy for people working in the city, or commuting via public transport. Use this public transport journey planner to plan your trip:

Bring a friend, or make new friends at the meeting. As far as I know, nobody has got married after attending a Xing Group meeting (yet) but already some people have found new friends, social activities, and made employment or career advances, or otherwise found a reason to have a smile on their faces!

What does all this fabulous value cost? IT'S FREE! There is no admission or cover charge, and you can just buy your own food and drinks. Make a commitment to yourself, put the date and time in your diary, and SEE YOU THERE!

We are usually located in the South-East corner of the upstairs bar at the European Bier Cafe. Sometimes if there is a private function upstairs, we meet on the ground floor or in the Bier Keller (cellar) instead. Ask the staff if you are lost. We used to have a Xing 'powering relationships' sign at each meeting but unfortunately the venue has asked us not to put it up because it implies endorsement of the group by them. Xing in Hamburg is working on providing us with a smaller sign.

Any questions, e-mail me via my profile here: (or add me to your contacts now, and you'll get all my contact details).

To facilitate your networking, we make the guest list visible so you can see who is coming along - and who has been to past events.

Happy Networking!

Chris Blackman

Xing Ambassador - Melbourne

P.S. one final bit of housekeeping - some people tell me they never get newsletters or event Invitations from Xing. You might want to check your profile settings - both the Newsletter and Event Invitation boxes should be ticked.

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