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Essentials of Commercial Compliance Investigations

12/13/2013 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Essentials of Commercial Compliance Investigations

Commercial Compliance investigations are complex and multidisciplinary, and often require the investigator to elicit information from multiple parties to determine the true root cause. Without effective processes and procedures, it is impossible to achieve a successful resolution.

Investigations can be resolved in a manner that seems satisfactory at the time, but investigation files are often reviewed years after their conclusion by government regulators, plaintiff’s attorneys, Executive management, or other parties. Now is the time to act so that you ensure that your Commercial Compliance Investigations are being conducted when required, conducted effectively, and documented properly.

The webinar, ‘Essentials of Commercial Compliance Investigations’, being conducted on 13-Dec-2013, will present simple but powerful tools, with real world examples on how to initiate, conduct, conclude, and document Commercial Compliance Investigations. The webinar will be beneficial to device, drug, and biotech manufacturers, individuals involved in or responsible for workplace investigations and is recommended for any individual or team that are involved in Compliance, Sales Management, Executive Management, Chief Compliance Officers, Inside Counsel, and Outside Counsel.

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