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A Look At Branding Digital Advertising and Digital Media

2/26/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

A Look At Branding, Digital Advertising and Digital Media, February 26th


26 Feb 2013

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC)

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VEF will look at branding, digital advertising, and digital media. Moderated by Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, Head of Department - Entertainment Business Management School at Vancouver Film School. Our speakers to date include:

Sandy Fleischer, Managing Partner at Pound & Grain

Steve Rechtschaffner, Executive Creative Director at Wyley Interactive

Alex Spinelli, CTO at McCann World Group

Matt Toner, President at Zeros to Heroes Media & NDP Candidate (Vancouver False Creek at BC NDP)


Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, Head of Department - Entertainment Business Management School at Vancouver Film School

As a founding executive of Zeros 2 Heroes Media, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin has worked with the CBC, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Seven24 Films, Halifax Film, BioWare, Rainmaker Entertainment, and many others to develop strategies that capture increasingly fragmented audiences and take advantage of emerging revenue models.

The former Head of the Vancouver Film School's Entertainment Business Management program, Jessica worked to impart the principle of embracing change and all forms of media to the next generation of entertainment producers. She continues this work through speaking engagements at seminars and festivals throughout North America, including San Diego's Comic-Con and TIFF. She is currently in development as executive producer on the digital series and feature film, "The Little Mermaid."

Sandy Fleischer, Managing Partner of Pound & Grain

Sandy has over 15 years of digital agency experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to the Pound & Grain team with work for clients such as McDonalds, SAP, AT&T, Electronic Arts, Sony Ericsson, Diageo, and Nintendo.

In his secret other life, Sandy is known as DJ Pescatore, and has played to crowds across Canada, the US and Italy. On a good day, he can juggle four tennis balls.

Steve Rechtschaffner, Executive Creative Director at Wyley Interactive

Steve has 25+ years of pioneering in the worlds of branded entertainment, product marketing and digital entertainment. He has changed how we think about wrist watches, live events, home fitness, video games, snowboarding and how we experience entertainment in the living room. He’s recently reconnected with some former EA friends, and together they have launched a disruptive mobile games & advertising platform called Play4Perks.

His life-long focus has been on “combining innovation and entertainment to create exciting and sustainable growth for brands and businesses. Over the years, Steve has done this for Swatch, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Reebok, Converse, the U.F.C., ESPN, FOX TV and the U.S. Ski Team, amongst others.

Non-professional time for Steve is spent practicing yoga, riding his bike, trying to become a kite surfer, while also being a husband and father of 3 offspring.

Alex Spinelli CTO of McCann World Group

McCann Worldgroup delivers marketing solutions that transform brands and grow businesses. The company is comprised of a collaborative roster of best-in-class agencies that emphasize creativity, innovation, and performance, including McCann Erickson (the world’s largest advertising agency network); MRM (digital marketing/relationship management); Momentum (experiential marketing); McCann Health (professional/dtc communications); and Craft Worldwide (global production).

Matt Toner, President of Zeros to Heroes Media

Matt Toner is an outspoken advocate for Vancouver's creative industries and an internationally recognized new media expert: in 2010, he was featured in the Vancouver Sun as one its "top ten" technology innovators.

Before switching to the new economy, Matt worked at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa and at the Canadian Consulate General in Manhattan. He holds a graduate degree in economics.

The Vancouver Enterprise Forum (VEF) is the premier networking forum for technology entrepreneurs. The VEF holds eight events each year - usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Participation at a VEF event provides attendees with personal connections, assistance with the identification of industry partnerships, academic faculty, management talent, financial agencies/investors and educational resources for developing and growing enterprises in British Columbia.

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