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FL XX Women Founders Meetup

2/13/2013 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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WHAT? A meetup of women founders and startup ladies from PVD and RI

WHY? Because we're awesome.

Does gender matter when it comes to startups? Do women founders have the same issues as their male counterparts? Maybe. Maybe not.

Regardless of where you fall out on these questions, there's strong ancedotal evidence that women founders and women working in startups can benefit from creating a strong professional network that includes women who are both "ahead" and "behind" in their professional lifecycle.

Join us for a casual post-work conversation with a group of women entrepreneurs who have different experiences--and different perspectives--on the issues that most effect their professional success. Participants will group-source three topics for conversation, each limited to 30 minutes.

We'll serve some tasty bites, libations and enjoy the chance to brainstorm about what comes next for Rhode Island's growing community of women founders and entrepreneurs.

Free, but registration required to make sure we have an accurate count for snacks and drinks. Limited to 20 a means to enable actual conversation.

Need details? Email Melissa at

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