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HTML5IL 2 Deffered Firefox OS WebRTC

2/26/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday Raspberry Jam Hackspace Meeting (1st Sat of month)

September 1, 2012

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Some things we might do:

Quick intro to Jam, people in the room and their projects

Setting up a flash disk image

LCD options for the RasPi

Using the Pi with a laptop -- avoid carrying a screen & keybaord. ssh, internet connection sharing, X tunnels, connection to the GPIO for console access

Options for for cases and 3D Case printing

The actual content will be driven by what people what to do on the day and the contraints of time. Please feel free to bring along any projects you are working on.

Important notes:

If you do not have a RasPi yet please feel free bring a flash card (4 Gb SD card, ideally class 6) and you can probably have a play on a borrowed RasPi unit.

Please bring a laptop and ethernet cable if you have one. We only have one spare screen / keyboard / mouse.

I hope to provide an introduction to Python programming and pygame at the city meeting later in the month.

CCHS hope to have a *few* 3D printed cases for sale at $8 -- first in with the cash gets a case.

May have some 3.3V USB-to-Serial cables for sale ($18), which provide serial console access (via your laptop).

Learn More: HTML5IL 2 Deffered Firefox OS WebRTC

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