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Hyperlocal Goes Social

2/19/2013 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

This is a FREE Social Media Week event in collaboration with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by MadMimi, the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online.

Up until the late 1990’s BB (Before Broadband), marketing your small business was relegated to traditional advertising and PR approaches -- and even those were limited given the typical "Mom & Pop" marketing budget. Today's small businesses face marketing challenges unprecedented in generations past. Placing all of your marketing eggs in the traditional advertising basket is downright unthinkable in this era of Facebook Friends and mobile devices. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs have shifted to a hyper-local approach that provides targeted content to a smaller subset of people, and in ways that are more engaging. This deregulation of content has proven successful, breaking through the cluttered media environment with relevancy and seemingly intuitive timing.

Once considered a fringe strategy for local business, social media has proven to be the perfect partner for hyperlocal marketers, enabling them to not only effectively reach out to their specific audience, but to grow the audience, expose new products, brands or services, and identify likely new prospects. In this session, local entrepreneurs and marketing professionals share their success stories on how a hyper-local marketing strategy with an emphasis on social media has helped them grow business -- even in a tough economy. This presentation is fully interactive. Using the hashtag #smw13hyperlocal the audience can ask questions, share useful links and tips as well as find additional resources for building a successful hyper-local strategy.

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