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Joomla User Group

2/27/2013 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

The Melbourne Joomla User Group has been running since 2007 and attracts a regular group of Joomla users from all over Melbourne including:

beginners - people building their first joomla site

hobbyists - people tweaking their own joomla site

designers - people who design joomla sites for a living

implementers - people who implement more than just basic joomla sites

eg ecommerce, forums, interfaces etc

guns - people who can answer almost any question you may have about Joomla!

Often members are 'multi-functional' with several specialists in hosting, design, security and more.

Meeting monthly (current venue Swinburne Uni at Hawthorn) we cover a number of joomla topics that ideally provide all members of the group with something each month. Additionally we're planning a few other meetups during the year with skypecasts with joomla luminaries, doccamp/barcamp style events, training workshops, and JoomlaDay! Melbourne every few years.

You can also participate in more discussion, find out more on the Group, and get joomla tips and assistance in the forums by visiting /melbourne-joomla-user-group

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Front End Joomla Editing - February MJUG

Wed Feb 27

7:30 PM


25 attending


Auditorium TD121

Swinburne University, Burwood (map)

Auditorium TD121 has been provisionally accepted - Confirmation for the rest of the year will be delivered before our next meeting. Norm Douglas will be presenting in February at Melbourne Joomla User Group on how you can set up a variety of tools in your front end to allow your clients to manage their Joomla sites. LEARN MORE

Hosted by: Shane Thorpe (Convenor - Melbourne Joomla User Group)

Norm Douglas:

Looking forward to this one. We've been developing our methods for a number of years now and I'm happy to show you all some of the things we do.

Be prepared for shameless plugs of our new extensions from

Posted 4h ago

Shane Thorpe:

Anyone not receiving email update to location please call me on 0418133 933.

Auditorium TD121 has been confirmed and details sent in private email to all members.

Posted 4h ago

ProjectFork in Joomla! 3.0

Wed Mar 27

6:45 PM


8 attending

1 comment

Needs a location

Coming soon!

ProjectFork 4.0 is a new Joomla! 3.0-compatible project management extension co-developed by Kyle Ledbetter, Joomla UX team leader. The workshop will feature a demo of... LEARN MORE

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November 28

Solve all your little Joomla niggling issues (or at least try)

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To finish up the year at MJUG we're going to skip the presentation format, and just bring it back to basics... socialising, networking and troubleshooting. Meals... LEARN MORE

October 24

Front End Joomla Editing - October MJUG

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Norm Douglas will be presenting in October at Melbourne Joomla User Group on how you can set up a variety of tools in your front end to allow your clients to manage... LEARN MORE

September 26

Joomla template design from scratch

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Anthony from Joomla Bamboo will design and discuss, step by step, a template design procedure from a blank base. This will specifically benefit the newer members of our... LEARN MORE

August 22

Usability and Joomla

20 Joomla Enthusiasts |

Note : Room Change from 621 to 620 Usability is an important aspect of web development. MJUG regular Harry Bosh will talk about tools used by web developers for website...

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