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Plug and Play Russia Moscow prep class

2/1/2013 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Plug and Play Russia > Подготовка в Москве

1 февраля - 20 марта 2012

Тема Описание

Legal, Tax and Accounting Implications of doing business in world practices

Strategic development and finance Teams will have representation on the strategic development of the business and the management of financial flows

Business Plan Teams will be provided with coaching in preparation for pitching and to adjust or adapt their business plan/model

Business Development Addresses the importance of corporate partners as a go-to- market channel for emerging technologies and how to get in touch to proceed with partnership

Fundraising Disclosure of the most effective ways to communicate with investors and VCs, rules of making a termsheet

Business Pitching Improving and modifying the investor presentation to address key issues consistently raised by the venture and angel community

Research and development Each team will receive advice from experienced developers and tips on how to improve a code

UX Tips to create a user-friendly interface

Sales and Marketing Teams will be shown how to increase sales of their product and how to convert users into customers

Branding & Advertising Teams will participate in the analysis of the best advertising cases and learn the basics of branding and advertising

Effective Pitch Companies will be invited to participate in pitch polishing, feedback and other workshops to refine their presentations and pitches

Effective networking Advanced tech conferences organizers will share experiences how to make a good impression of your pitch, and how to network the most effective way

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