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Samurai MONO Festival Vol 1

2/16/2013 - 2:00 AM

Battle Presenting "Startup Battle" venture of Fukuoka and Tokyo

Fukuoka in Makers Summit!

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(Background held)

Makers Summit, the conference has been held to foster community internet venture with hardware venture we created both the tide of new hardware on the concept of "opening up the world of the industrial revolution new by venture × Internet making things" that is. Will be held at Fukuoka (Makers Summit) Makers Summit was to mobilize more than 150 people each held in Tokyo in December 2012, in January 2013.

Support Internet hardware venture to apply to also Tokyo and Fukuoka, to challenge the world this time, Mr. Taizo grandson, President and CEO MOVIDA JAPAN gotten keynote, then from Fukuoka and Tokyo Masanori Hashimoto, Representative Director Nurabo Mr., Mr. Matsuo Ryoma & CEO Leabo, Jay MC  Mr. Daichi Watanabe & CEO, Representative Director and Mr. Yusuke Yunomae hot professional seed, including Mr. Hayashi director Ryuhei Dogan Advisors · VC venture gather, presentations battle "each startup I held a Battle ".

(Outline planning)

■ Event Name: Battle Presenting "Startup Battle" venture of Fukuoka and Tokyo Fukuoka in Makers Summit

■ Date: February 18 start 15 minutes (Mon) 18:00 (doors open at 18:00)

■ Venue: City Center Seminar Room M-3 Tenjin TKP (directly connected to Tenjin Subway Station)

Center 8F 2-14-8 Tenjin Fukuoka Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 〒 810-0001: address


■ Capacity: 100 people

■ Fee: $ 10 member of society (as a venue fee) , free student

■ want to join:

· If you aspire entrepreneur in the field of Internet hardware, and entrepreneurship

- in the field of Internet hardware that supports entrepreneurs who

· If you are interested in this event

■ Timetable

- 18:15 to 18:30 Opening Mr. Yoshihiko Kinoshita Skyland Ventures partner representative

Greetings - Introduction and patron

--- Mr. Takashima yield Director of International Economic Content Fukuoka Economic and Tourism Department of Culture

18:30 to 19:20 - Keynote Speech "to lay out a global venture from Fukuoka and Tokyo"

Mr. Taizo grandson MOVIDA JAPAN Co., Ltd. President and CEO

19:20 to 19:30 - Break

Battle of Tokyo Fukuoka vs. startup presentation 19:30 to 20:00

Ryoma & CEO Mr. Matsuo Leabo (Fukuoka)

Representative Director and Mr. Yusuke Yunomae hot PROCEED (Fukuoka)

MC Jay & CEO Mr. Daichi Watanabe (Tokyo)

Mr. Masanori Hashimoto, Representative Director Nurabo (Fukuoka)

Representative Director Mr. Naoto Hayashi speed solution

Mr. Director Ryuhei Hayashi Dogan Investments (Fukuoka)

Mr. Kota Oho Fukuoka Office Tohmatsu Venture Support, Inc. (Fukuoka)

Mr. Ma, Y. Saito, Director of Business Development Co., Ltd. Deloitte / Touche Tohmatsu support venture limited liability audit corporation (Tokyo)

※ 3 minute presentation at each company, business overview presentation.

- 20:00 to 20:45 Panel Discussion

"In order to create an eco-system we will venture to grow both Tokyo and Fukuoka"

Mr. Taizo grandson, Mr. Masanori Hashimoto Nurabo & CEO, Mr. Matsuo Ryoma Leabo representative director, representative director Mr. Yusuke Yunomae hot PROCEED, Jay MC Mr. Daichi Watanabe & CEO, Mr. Yoshihiko Kinoshita Representative Partner Skyland Ventures (moderator)

■ Organizer: Venture Support Tohmatsu, Skyland Ventures

■ Supported by: Fukuoka Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun: ■ Media sponsor

[Wanted] display advertising

Will be released as part of the exhibition space at the event venue. If you would like to exhibit works and pamphlets, etc. please contact us. As long as the catalyst for collaboration across industries, it is fine even if it is not finished. You can also get distributed to all visitors at the reception desk.

Rates and Exhibition: Free

• Number: Exhibition (the size of the work, please contact us) up to two points per person principle

※ For brochures, please hold up for hours to the venue to the participants.

· Deadline for application: February 15, 2013 (Fri)

-Fill, please contact us at the following address whether or not the magnitude of the work required of the power supply ⑤ ④ ③ exhibition points How to Apply】 ① Name ② phone number.

E-mail address: shiori.arai @ ( Fukuoka Office Tohmatsu Arai )

■ Guest Profile

Mr. Taizo grandson MOVIDA JAPAN Co., Ltd. President and CEO

While attending the University of Tokyo in 1996, summed up the project as a leader in the development of the content of Yahoo! Japan. Indigo founded month later. Is attracting attention as a pioneer student entrepreneurs, the Internet venture. In 2002, founded the Gung Ho Online Entertainment, broaden the scope of business to the world of digital content. Stock went public in 2005, the company is deployed as one of Japan's largest online gaming company. Such as the J / V with large foreign companies and founder of various venture, as one of the management team, founders sometimes, sometimes I engage in the launch of the venture should be consistent thereafter. As "making venture ecosystem of Silicon Valley 2030 Asia edition" in 2011, placed in a foster MOVIDA JAPAN seed accelerator start-up venture. We are aim to focus on the development of national and international support and venture, venture activity will lead to the creation of an affluent society in the future.

Mr. Masanori Hashimoto Corporation Representative Director Nurabo

Born in 1976. In 2004, we established a Nurabo Corporation with two colleagues in Fukuoka, became president. Set a theme of "collaboration" Nurabo Inc., do offer services such as (Kaku) tools to create and share Cacoo and diagrams (backlog) Backlog project management tool in parallel with a number of development projects commissioned. From the thought of "! Want to work more fun", the Backlog is a variety of tricks, such as revamped the concept of project management has been applied, it has been well received by users. It is also the executive director of the nonprofit corporation Seasar Foundation. In 2011, held the "Venus Waraku" festival of creative technology and served as organizer. Twitter account @ hsmt.

Ryoma Mr. Matsuo Co., Ltd. Representative Director Leabo

From Kitakyushu, 30 years old. Kyushu University in 2007 after completing graduate school ', he joined Toyota Motor Kyushu Co., Ltd.. Business engaged in the maintenance and management of industrial facilities, manufacturing engineers in project work as new cars. Co., Ltd. was established Leabo retired from the company in July '11.

Representative Director and Mr. Yusuke Yunomae hot PROCEED, Inc.

After not take qualification also aims to flight mechanic, later engaged in 10 years of related industry construction of the family business, career change to business medical facilities in Fukuoka, was engaged about 10 years to manage the design and construction of the operating room of the hospital's facilities, "personal business Hotproceed established ". In order to perform the production prototype robot sales and related parts biped robot Hobby system, personal first 3 D kit "for the printer CupCakeCNC selling " 2008 year began. "Then the laser machine cheap edition Blaster while selling ", 2012 the second generation in personal 3 D printer " Blade-1 developed ", start selling. Sale at low prices latest tool engineering education, business venture, Faborabo, for individual users.

Stock meeting Jay MC Inc.  Mr. Daichi Watanabe, Representative Director

After six years working as a professional boxer, joined to run his father's company resin molding. In 2004, working on fundamental management reforms at the same time as the inaugural CEO, merged with Kay S. Yi Road, in 2006, entered the foundry industry. Utilizing a variety of molding techniques and materials technology since, expand the type of molding business technical proposals. Currently paying attention to the medical field, and modernization efforts to improve the image of manufacturing industry has been the focus of attention. ※ Note: The "revolution from manufacturing factory town" World Business Satellite (

Mr. Hayashi director Ryuhei Dogan Advisors, Inc.

Born in Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1976. In 1999, after graduating from Kyushu University, Sumitomo Bank (now

He joined) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Change course to Citibank, NA in 2001, the current representative Dogan

Involved in the launch of the branch Daisuke Mori and Fukuoka. In January 2005, he joined the Company as a founding member. 2006, launched the "SME fund がんばれ Kyushu Challenge" as the first regional specialization of funds of the Company. In 2012 established the "Entrepreneur Club fund Kyushu" venture capital fund which is our 2nd. At the same time, such as opening the Entrepreneur Club "OnRAMP" type offers incubation to foster venture businesses in Tenjin, Fukuoka City is the center of Kyushu, and venture companies that are active in Kyushu, the support of small and medium-sized enterprises to challenge the establishment second going. Investments senior fund manager currently director Dogan Dogan, Inc. Board of Directors Advisors Ltd. OnRAMP Institute director general (in charge of the second venture fund founded)

Naoto Hayashi CEO teacher-speed solution

Entrepreneurs in the first year of Keio University, a private preparatory school management. In the third year university, appointed representative director established a teacher, Inc. to expand the solution speed Internet service that can tutor consultation study 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On October 26, 2012 announced that it will start in collaboration with Shueiyobiko (Shizuoka) the operation of the service test. Expansion plans 10,000 teachers, 10,000 schools and schools to introduce by April 1, 2013.

Mr. Kota Oho Fukuoka Office Tohmatsu Ltd. Venture Support

Born in Fukuoka in 1981. Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University, graduated in 2003, joined the office in Fukuoka Chuo Aoyama Audit Corporation in the same year. Moved to: (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC now) and then in 2007 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. We are engaged in audit, IPO support, advisory services and support services to overseas-related companies accounting-related content. Doing as well as advice on business plan for venture companies other.

Mr. Ma, Y. Saito, Director of Business Development Co., Ltd. Deloitte / Touche Tohmatsu support venture limited liability audit corporation

Pass the CPA exam in 2006 and joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Belong to the total service, engaged in audit, IPO support operations, support services, etc. to build internal control. Participated in the start-up of the business of venture support Tohmatsu Ltd. in 2010, market development assistance towards the venture firm of more than 100 companies in the heart of the system IT, publicity support, business planning and capital support policy development, and support the adoption of going. In addition, we are also focusing on overseas aid subject to heightened awareness of overseas startup, with a focus on Silicon Valley.

Mr. Yoshihiko Kinoshita Skyland Ventures partner representative

Born in 1985 from Yokohama. After graduating from the School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, SMBC Daiwa Capital: April 2009 to manage the investments of 22 companies in the (now Daiwa Corporate Investment). Incubate at venture capital fund bait independent in August 2011, engaged in investment and incubation period of nine founding startups, investment MUGENUP, etc. COSMONAUTS. Appointed representative to establish a venture capital partner Skyland Ventures August 2012. Director MUGENUP, director Kureofuga, Miew current advisor. Hosted a conference such as the "Makers Summit" created at the intersection of the Internet and manufacturing venture × "Spinout Summit" to promote the start-up of large companies, more than 1000 names to mobilize venture monthly events.

(Held past performance)

Pattern at the holding

Actual held

· Automotive revolution of the 21st century - Challenges and venture automobile era Makers is (2013/01/21)

(. Performance on stage: Toru Tokushige Terra Motors & CEO, Mr. Kohei Ishida hyper Inter Nets CEO, Representative Director Hideyuki Fujisawa Nitto, and Osamu Sugie WHILL CEO)

· How to start the venture's manufacturing era Makers (2012/12/03)

On stage performance (Mr. Keita Yagi / Design Engineer representative Bsize, Representative Director Hideyuki Fujisawa Nitto Co., Ltd. MC Jay & CEO Mr. Daichi Watanabe, Mr. Hirotaka Kunimitsu & CEO gumi Co., Ltd. Representative Director Sassor . Mr. Shuichi Ishibashi CEO, including Mr. Hiroyuki Murakami福crazy Works Co., Ltd. Representative Director)

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