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StartupBus Chicagos Battle Royale

2/9/2013 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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StartupBus is returning to Chicago

After a brief hiatus , Chicago is returning to the prestigious entrepreneurial competition.

This year StartupBus has America's top entrepreneurial regions competing against one another to find out which region is, “the next Silicon Valley.” Each region will be represented by their capital entrepreneurial city:

West Coast represented by Silicon Valley!

East Coast represented by New York City!

South East represented by Tampa Bay!

Midwest represented by Chicago!

Mexico represented by Mexico City!

Chicago will be representing the Midwest region.

To celebrate Chicago's return to the StartupBus competition, StartupsBus will hold a "Battle Royale" to showcase Chicago's top Hackers (Engineers), Hipsters (Designers), and Hustlers (Product marketing and managers).

The competition will have three rounds where participants face off in three rounds of head-to-head competition. At the end of the competition, a winning Hacker, Hipster, and Hustler will be declared.

The competition features

Free drinks and lunch

Cash prizes to the winners

Winners will be awarded a coveted spot on this years Chicago StartupsBus!!

Whether you're a Hacker (Developer), Hipster (Designer) or Hustler (Product Marketing and Management) all you need to bring in order to compete


A laptop

A strong desire to compete

A strong desire to learn from some of Chicago's brightest throughout the day

Please come out and learn about StartupBus, Chicago's role in the StartupBus competition, and compete against Chicago's top technical talent!

To find out more about StartupBus please visit

Learn More: StartupBus Chicagos Battle Royale

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