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Chicago HTML5 WebRTC and Twilio

1/9/2013 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

WebRTC & Twilio presented by Kevin Whinnery

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6:00 PM To 7:30 PM

VSA Partners, Inc.

600 West Chicago Avenue #250, Chicago, IL (map)

Details on getting into the building will be sent before the Meetup.

WebRTC is an open source technology for enabling real-time communications (peer to peer) between web browsers. It is moving through the standardization process in W3C, but is available today on Google Chrome. WebRTC allows web apps to take advantage of media input devices such as the camera and microphone, and share that data with other browsers without the use of a plugin.

Twilio Client takes advantage of these new APIs in Google Chrome, falling back to Flash as necessary, to provide an awesome VoIP calling experience to other browser clients, mobile phones, and land lines. In this presentation, we will examine and live code with the emerging WebRTC APIs directly, and then check out how they are employed by the Twilio Client for VoIP calling. Bring your laptop to hack along!

Kevin Whinnery is a developer evangelist for Twilio. A front-end development chameleon, Kevin has worked with rich client apps in the browser (HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Apache Flex, Silverlight), the desktop (Windows Presentation Framework and Adobe AIR), and mobile (iOS and Android). Kevin lives in Saint Paul, MN, with his beautiful wife and three shifty young children.

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