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GRPUG| Getting Down with Markdown & An Intro to 'rypc'

1/21/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Grand Rapids Pyton Users Group

Adam Tauno Williams will teach us about extending Markdown. In his own words:

"Everybody knows Markdown - the Wiki and/or text markup syntax that is hip with web developers, at least for the next 48 hours. Text markup is good, and anything is better than editing HTML (which might explain why web developers tend to be so twitchy, years of HTML has damaged them in deep and fundamental ways). But add as much markup as you want; it is still just text. I realize that "The Lord Of the Rings" and the "Hitchicker's Guide To The Galaxy" are "just text", and yet awesome. But for my text to be awesome (I'm no Douglas Adams or curmudgeonly Oxford professor) it needs help. Fortunately the Python markdown module isn't just about processing Markdown [aka Text] into HTML, it empowers you to extend or just change, what Markdown means. With Python Markdown you can *easily* extend Markdown to change or suppress links, insert dynamically generated tables, and miss the ground when you fall. Python's Markdown is a truly post-modern module; make your text awesome with your own twist!

Ben Rousch will introduce us to rpyc, a module for calling remote Python code over a network.

Learn More: GRPUG Getting Down with Markdown and An Intro to rypc

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