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Getting Hired: Become the Perfect Candidate

1/12/2013 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Startups are hiring like crazy and often provide incredible opportunities for employees to make a big impact from day one. However, knowing that any new employee will be given this level of trust and responsibility means startups take a very cautious approach to hiring their next teammate. If you want to join an early stage venture, you'll need to do more than just think about how to target your resume.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you start thinking about all the ways you can make yourself the next perfect hire. From the very basics of finding out where your ideal team-mates spend their time, really wowing with your background, to understanding what recruiters find when they Google you- this information will help you craft your perfect candidate pitch.

You'll get real time feedback on your resume, elevator pitch, and tips for what to expect on the day of your interview.


9:00AM | Caffeine, Carbs, and Crafting Your Job Search Strategy (Lecture)

10:00AM | Targeting Your Resume (Interactive Lecture)

11:30AM | Be the Perfect Candidate - How to Wow in Person (Lecture)

12:00PM | Break for Lunch / Resume Critiques Beyond the Resume - Exploring Social Media (Lecture)

2:30PM | Elevator Pitches and Unusual Interview Questions

3:30PM | Finding the Right Fit for You (Lecture)

4:15PM | Wrap Up - Open Office hours / Final Questions Prereqs and Preparation

Come prepared with any materials you currently use in your job search. Be sure to bring your resume!

About the Instructor(s)

Adelia Duarte - Recruiter, LivingSocial

Adelia Curtis Duarte is a technology aficionado with a passion for helping talented teams grow their organizations. Adelia is currently a product and design recruiter at LivingSocial, and was previously at Opower. Along with having recruited at two of the hottest east coast startups, Adelia has also consulted on recruiting strategy for early stage ventures. A world traveler, she's spent as much time overseas as she has in the states and loves any opportunity to put her foreign language skills to use.

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