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Hustler's Lunch

1/24/2013 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

According to Dave McClure, most VC’s suck balls and Startups should have 3 main skillsets: Hackers, Hipsters and Hustlers.*

We aren’t interested in VC’s (or balls for that matter) but we are interested in talking about Startups. There are plenty of groups for Hackers (developers/engineers) and for Hipsters (designers/creatives) but what about the Hustlers? What about the people who are tasked with finding customers and selling in Startups?

Well, that’s who we are and that’s what this lunch is all about.

Part business development, part salesperson, part product manager, part support agent…we wear a lot of hats. Not to mention the fact that in a Startup, being a Hustler isn’t always a role in itself. Founders, developers, engineers, and designers can all play the role of a Hustler when resources are scarce. Sound familiar? Then this lunch is for you.

So what the hell is this Hustler’s Lunch then? Good question. To be honest, we’re not sure.

To start, we thought it would be a good idea to get all the self-identified Hustlers together and see what happens. Where we go from there will depend on the group. Here are a few ideas we had to get the conversation started:

• I hate my customers (Setting and managing customer expectations)

• I feel like I’m selling vaporware (The sales wave, and how to ride it)

• Developers don’t understand (Communicating effectively with the dev team)

• CEO’s don’t understand (Communicating effectively with da boss)

• Our last release/patch broke everything and I want to die (Customer satisfaction 101)

• I think my sales funnel has a hole in it (Building effective sales funnels)

• How to avoid the dealer cock-block (Understanding channels and how they can help you)

• Product mismanagement (To add or not to add features)

• My customers broke my business model (How your customers can make your startup better)

• My square product won’t fit into this round market (The Holy Grail: Product-Market Fit)

• My landing page/conversion/retention sucks (Extending sales funnels)

So are you in? Sign up fast as space is limited. (It's also BYOL...bring your own lunch)

Learn More: Hustlers Lunch

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