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Introduction to JavaScript and JQuery Workshop

1/12/2013 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Understand at a high-level how the web works, the role of the browser and where the industry is going: the rise and importance of mobile and how the web and JavaScript fit into this.

Define the role of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in web pages and web applications.

Define the DOM and JavaScript's importance in using it to create rich web applications.

Understand how programming languages work, their relationship to the machine on which the language is run.

Understand and apply programming fundamentals using JavaScript: basic data types, arithmetic, conditional statements, iteration (loops), functions, arrays and objects.

Understand basic best-practices in software engineering at a high level.

Build a complete, working HTML5 web application by building a professional swipe gallery/media carousel from scratch.

Understand the purpose of JQuery/JQuery UI and how it can speed up development.


Join us for this full-day workshop on the JavaScript programming language aimed at beginners with little or no prior experience. This workshop will provide a full introduction of programming fundamentals using JavaScript to creating rich web applications with animation and interactivity. Building on the foundations you learn, students will take a hands-on approach in showing JavaScript's relationship to HTML and CSS to create professional, relevant applications.

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