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Karlsruhe Lean Startup Meetup

1/28/2013 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Lean Startup Meetup Karlsruhe # 8

When? Monday, Jan 28 @ 7:30 pm - 10pm (CET)

Where? Building 20.14, Room 103.1 Castle District 12, KIT Campus - Karlsruhe

Lean Startup Meetup eighth place on 28 January 2013 instead.

Lean Startup is a methodology that was coined by Eric Ries and aimed by fast development of early "market traction" to get to learn of users.

The Karlsruhe Lean Startup Meetup is a monthly meeting to be interested and experienced talk about your philosophy and share experiences with each other. In addition to Lean Startup itself it is also about other related / relevant methods such as Customer Development, AgileAgile , etc. ..

Metrics Special

Metrics for startups (Jan King)

I'm currently writing my bachelor's thesis on metrics in early-stage SaaS startups. This allowed me an insight into the areas of funnel analysis, customer journey, cohorts, split testing, lifecycle messaging and collect so on, which I would like to present to you. Then there will be a discussion on metrics. What do you measure? What should be measured? Is it worth the effort to implement a metrics dashboard? How it should look?

The O'Reilly kindly supported us with a couple of books. These are given away to people who are willing to explain to present at an upcoming Meetups a brief introduction / summary to the content.

Call for Sessions!

What interests you? Do you need help in implementing an MVP? What topics you would like to discuss? Report to under leanstartup at Or submit a session proposal here:

Learn More: Karlsruhe Lean Startup Meetup

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