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Lean Startup in Big Organizations

1/22/2013 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

How to do Lean Startup in Enterprise and Big Companies

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7:30 PM


920 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA (map)

Price: $35.00/per person

Refund policy

What does Lean Startup look like in BIG organizations?

There are all sorts of challenges that intrapreneurs and corporate entrepreneurs face that startup founders simply don't encounter. Challenges around branding, legal, HR and organizational processes.

Based on their work with Capital One, 7-11, HP and Qualcomm, Brant Cooper, Patrick Vlaskovits, authors of The Lean Entrepreneur and The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development along with:

Aaron Eden - Innovation Catalyst & Product Manager, Intuit

Aaron Eden has successfully coached, mentored and taught over 800 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the ways of the Lean Startup. His efforts have successfully netted hundreds of millions of dollars across multiple enterprises. Aaron is also the director of Gangplank Tucson, co-founder & CEO of Webglimmer Internet Solutions, product manager for Intuit's HR department.

Ben Blank - Innovation Leader, Intuit

Bennett is leading the charge to apply lean startup principles to large organizations. His goal is to dramatically reduce the time and expense associated with developing new products, transforming ideas into opportunities within companies large and small. Recently profiled in the San Jose Business Journal, Technorati and Forbes, Bennett’s Lean StartIN workshop series is transforming the way product teams work within large organizations. Having mentored over 250 teams across a variety of industries, Bennett provides the strategic coaching and tactical training required to change mindsets and deliver results.

will cover case studies of how large orgs like Intuit and PayPal are rapidly adopting Lean Startup thinking.

They'll cover:

How do you test ideas when your brand actually matters, or you face significant legal regulation?

How to build a functional corporate immune system that sets ground rules for experimentation

Why both internal startups and core business units need to be protected from one another?

Why internal startups have to use innovation accounting and prove their worth

What is the difference between Agile and Lean Startup?

How does one extend the Agile software development metaphor into the sales & marketing funnel?

Why understanding the Innovation Spectrum - from Sustaining to Disruptive is critical to organizing corporate cross-functional team.

How quit using innovation as a meaningless marketing buzzword

Why simply importing startup culture won't solve big org innovation problems.

All attendees will receive a hardcover copy of The Lean Entrepreneur when it publishes in Feb 2013.

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