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Product Management Workshop

1/31/2013 1:00 PM - 5:45 PM

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Product Management Workshop

Damian Damjanovski, Co-Founder, Common V

Thursday, January 31st from 1:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Whether you are looking to get into a career in product management, or deciding to launch your own product into the market, you will need to have to draw on a diverse range of skills to determine the feasability and forecast success of what you plan to create.

This workshop will allow you to understand your users and analyse the market to build a product that is both desirable and viable. Throughout the day, you will learn how to create a roadmap for your products success and effectively manage communication with stakeholders, understand their needs and work together to create something that matches stakeholders expectations.


1:00pm Process and Communication

Explore the product development cycle and technology for building products, allowing you to identify the baseline technical requirements for a product. You will learn how to understand users and identify how to conduct user research, to analyse the market and build a business case.

(Coffee and delicious snack break)

2:45pm Management and Leadership

Learn how to prioritise features and create a roadmap for a succesful product. Identify key stakeholders roles in the product development process and implement processes for transparent communication.

5:00pm Measurement and Empathy

Explore the concept of an MVP - Mimimum Viable Product - and discover the purpose for building one. Learn the key metrics and KPI's for performance rating. Understand the process of iterating and killing parts of your product that are not performing. Learn how to maintain and scale your product.

Damian Damjanovski is Co-Founder of Common V, a part incubator, part agency using experimentationa and lean methodology to solve client problems and create original ideas and products. Originally from a corporate background at one of Australia’s largest blue chip companies, AMP as an Intrepreneur, Damian’s extreme passion for technology, and it’s practical application in business, communications and creativity then took him across to world of advertising. Taking up the role of Digital Strategist at BMF in 2008 then moving to Ogilvy & Mather in early 2010 to work alongside creative director Brian Merrifield as Ogilvy's Innovation team – Damian has been pivotal in developing effective strategic approaches across a broad range of brands, and has brought to life a range of interesting technology pieces for clients. He also lectures through industry bodies and keeps himself regularly involved in events as a speaker and panellist.

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