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The ABCs of Web Typography Livestream REPLAY from Sydney

1/10/2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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The ABC's of Web Typography (Livestream REPLAY from Sydney)

Christopher Castiglione, UX Designer and Product Developer

Web Typography doesn’t just mean choosing fonts. That’s only the beginning. From there it’s the Web designers responsibility to display text in a way that is balanced and optimized. Furthermore, with all the Web browsers and devices available, it can be an especially daunting task to maintain consistency across platforms (...yup, we’re talking about responsive design, and fallbacks).

In this class we’ll address some of those challenges by looking at how to more efficiently use CSS font properties: text overflow, hidden, text-shadow, line-height, etc.

We’ll look at the CSS3 @font-face property, and answer the questions: How do I incorporate non-standard Web fonts into my project? What font foundries should I use to select my fonts? What restrictions and licensing fees do I need to be aware of? Finally, we’ll delve into the notorious “ems vs. pixels” debate, and show best practices for converting pixels to ems.

To quote Emil Ruder, a famous Swiss typographer, “Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing.” This class will help you optimize the information on your site so that it is clear and accessible across all platforms.

Christopher Castiglione is a developer with a specialty in UX strategy and Wordpress. He has over ten years of experience developing digital products. In the past, he has designed applications for clients ranging from The Black Eyed Peas, Toyota, Bacardi, CLIF Bar, and American Express. Christopher holds an MA in New Media from The University of Amsterdam. He is currently a member of the General Assembly teaching faculty where he regularly teaches the following courses: Programming for Non-Programmers, Crash Course: HTML/CSS, Business Storytelling and Wordpress Theme Development.

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