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2 Sommerparty Webmontag Berlin

7/16/2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Webmontag Berlin 2 Summer Party - the biggest party for agencies, startups, developers, designers and networker in the Berlin Webszene!

With now 74 Webmontagen and hundreds of speakers, thousands of guests and countless exciting success stories, we want to thank you and invite you / you to the second major Webmontag Berlin Summer Party a.

In our overwhelming party with over 650 guests last summer, we want to build on this successful concept and invite you, dear guests, speakers and the Berlin Webszene one to attend.

The ballroom Keuzberg pleased this year with up to 1,000 "celebration willing" to us and offers fantastic DJs and relaxed atmosphere much time for celebration and networking purposes. Best of all, thanks to our many sponsors AT Internet , Hays , 10gen , webvariants , UCDplus , wirsindfrei and Mailjet , is the entrance for you FREE !

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