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Actel coffee Startup Weekend

7/5/2013 5:00 PM - 7/7/2013 10:00 PM

Start Time: Friday, July 05, 2013 5:00 PM

End Time: Sunday, July 07, 2013 10:00 PM

Location: Xiamen Software Park, two of the four WangHai on the 10th floor, a coffee Actel

Capacity: 71/150

Promoter: Aite Coffee

To observe the vote - Description: This ticket can only Sunday 18:00 Admission, to observe the final project presentation, site ticket 80 yuan / person, including on-site pastries, drinks.

¥ 50

Observe votes

(14 / Unlimited)

¥ 100

Project sponsors

(29 / Unlimited)

¥ 100

Technological development

(4 / Unlimited)

¥ 100

Design category (front / art)

(1 / Unlimited)

¥ 100

Other (operations, sales)

(23 / Unlimited)

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Event Details

StartupWeekend (Startup Weekend) is a Seattle-based non-profit organization set up in cities around the world hold irregular internet entrepreneurial activity. One strangers but are passionate programmers, product managers, designers, operators and entrepreneurs to promote elite amateur free weekend together and team up, and then at the weekend in a short span of 54 hours of Internet products, or planning to build business models . Here you can meet people from all areas of the elite friends, with your idea to persuade investors, looking for partners to experience the entrepreneurial atmosphere .... Whether you want to start, or just want to have a deeper understanding of your field, whether you 're a novice or a veteran, whether you do or do technology market, you are welcome to come here to attend the 54 hours of the carnival carnival! Activities size of about 100 people.

This is the first Startup Weekend came to Xiamen, SW uphold the fine traditions of the organizers will invite a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors to visit the site to all team counseling, please visit the event website or microblogging, micro-channel, the new recognition The guests will be the first time released, so stay tuned!

The weekend activities outstanding entrepreneurial project will also have a chance to get 100,000 yuan of Actel venture seed fund investments as well as a 4-month incubation services, and business services worth 20 million package, in addition, we will also provide excellent Project Preparation various distinctive prizes.

Come on, in the emerging entrepreneurial city, in the beautiful Xiamen Egret Island to participate in a fun interesting Startup Weekend PARTY it!

Welcome friends all applicants coffee micro-channel public concern Actel number to get the latest information on the activities and conduct on-site interaction (Account: xmatcafeme):

Learn More: Actel coffee Startup Weekend

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