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Advanced Topics in Excel

7/9/2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Virtually everyone who works with data could benefit by gaining a better understanding of Microsoft Excel. This class will extend beyond the simple addition of data and will put students in a position where Excel is no longer a chore, but a powerful tool to assist in manipulating data efficiently. You’ll learn various functions to help you organize and analyze data and go through situational overviews of time-saving shortcuts to improve your efficiency dramatically.


-Learn how to easily manipulate datasets using pivot tables and other functions.

-Find out how to leverage the onboard statistical analysis tools to make effective conclusions on data.

-Master the art of shortcuts to streamline the process of analysis in Excel.


Students should have a basic understanding of Excel and rudimentary functions (IF, SUMIF statements) as well as how to organize data into functional tables (i.e. how to create a data table in Excel with a simple understanding of sort and filter functionality).

Students should bring a laptop with Excel 2010 installed. PC-based laptops are preferable, though not required (certain shortcuts may not transfer directly into Excel for Mac).


Matt Schaar


Brush Labs

Matt Schaar is the Founder of Brush Labs, a strategy consultancy working with startups and social impact organizations. Prior to that, Matt was a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits at the Boston Consulting Group. He also worked as an engineer at the Boeing Company and Rolls-Royce PLC, focusing on technical engineering services and new product development strategies. Matt has an MBA, Master of Public Policy, and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He loves a good plate of spaghetti carbonara, as it fuels his running addiction.


Plans change. We get it. But if you can't make it to a class/workshop, please email us at least 7 days before the scheduled event date. No refunds will be given after this timeframe.

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