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CloudStack Clients and Wrappers

7/10/2013 - 2:00 AM

Paddy Power are proud to announce EMEA Open Source Cloud Computing evangelist for Citrix, Sebastien Goasguen, will make a presentation at TCube on 10th July, and every attendee will receive a pair of Paddy Power pants as modeled by Arsenal hitman Nicklas Bendtner in his recent outing as striker for Denmark's clash with Portugal!

It's unclear if Sebastien wears Paddy's Lucky Pants, but we do know that as well as his daytime work in Citrix, Sebastien is also an Apache committer on Apache CloudStack.

He is in Dublin supervising Paddy Power's interns on the Google Summer of Code project, and you can join Sebastien for his acclaimed presentation entitled "CloudStack Clients and Wrappers, survey and demos," and to round the night off, Paddy Power's Ian Duffy will talk about his experience to date with the Google of Summer Code Project and how he has been getting on with the Cloudstack Community. Along with his project titled "LDAP user provisioning".

CloudStack comes with a very rich API. Most users directly access the API in the language of their choice using the approximately 15 clients available on github. In this talk Sebastien will review the basics of the CloudStack API and go through a few clients: CloudMonkey, Libcloud, Boto, jclouds-cli and then dive into more high level wrappers like knife-cloudstack which in addition to provision virtual machine management adds a layer of configuration by integrating Chef.

Sebastien will also introduce Apache Whirr and jclouds based tool to deploy big data clusters on cloud providers and see how it interacts with CloudStack. Attendees will come out with a clear view of the various clients available, the limitations and key strengths.

Did we mention Pizza and Beer? Of course we didn't! Who cares when you can get a pair of these striking Paddy Power Y-Fronts?

Doors Open 6.30pm (Pizza and beer served too ;)

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Information & Registration

EVENT: CloudStack Clients and Wrappers

DATE & TIME: 10th July 2013 / Doors Open 18:30

VENUE: TCube, Phoenix House, Castle St, Dublin 2


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