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Code for Kids Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

7/7/2013 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

A three hour event, kids aged 7-12 learning the basics of coding

Code For Kids is a three hour event aimed to teach children aged 7-12 the basics of coding. ‘Code for Kids’ is held in the Shopify Lounge located at 126 York St, Suite 200. Children interested in computers and learning more about what goes into the creation of video games, websites, and other cool programs are invited to come out and experience how much fun programming can be! Snacks and drinks will be provided and parents are welcome.

In a world in which our daily lives increasingly revolve around the use of technology, more people are becoming interested in learning what goes on behind the screens of their devices and what goes into making their favourite apps and games. Programming knowledge is fast becoming an important life skill and one we want to foster and share with children in particular. This event will give us the chance to share the magic of coding with the next generation.

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