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Designers and Geeks How Do You Design Feelings

7/11/2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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How Do You Design Feelings?

Presented by Charlie Whitney, Founder of Red Paper Heart

Digital devices and social-connectivity have saturated our screens and pockets and are now creeping into real world spaces everywhere. How do you keep an experience fresh and genuine? Sometimes it's as easy as putting your tech aside and talking about all those feelings you've been holding back. Through exploring work and failed prototypes we'll talk about how to make genuinely engaging experiences that are actually fun, and fun to talk about.

Charlie Whitney is a media artist and coder living in Brooklyn, New York. Together with three friends he formed Red Paper Heart in 2011 in order to explore the gap between physical and digital spaces and bring them closer together. Hailing from a fine art background, Charlie is a strong proponent of story driven interaction and emphasizing emotive response.

Some of Charlie's work at Red Paper Heart:


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