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Hustle Con

7/9/2013 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Learn to hustle your own startup from actual hustlers.

Hustle Con is different from other startup conferences you might attend. We’re not going to talk about the abstract wonders of entrepreneurship or tech companies at a high level. Rather, our sessions are organized around tactical advice on specific topics related to running a tech startup.

Our speakers are rockstar entrepreneur hustlers representing Polyvore, Badgeville, Udemy, ReTargeter, and much more. These speakers will teach tactical sessions like:

Building a minimally viable product without code

How to get your first 10 paying customers

Building an audience without a product

How to raise a seed round / How to bootstrap your company

See the full agenda here:

You’re also going to have a chance to network with these speakers and your amazing fellow attendees through a light breakfast, lunch, and happy hour provided by our partners at Intuit.

Learn More: Hustle Con

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