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Lean Startup Machine

7/26/2013 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Why do we do this workshop?

Because life is too short to work on products and services that no one will buy. Therefore, we must learn to quickly identify when a business idea has a future and when not. Using Customer Development methodologies and Lean Startup in our workshop will have the experience to validate business ideas in three days. Why should you attend? 've been successful this training workshop to 50 cities including New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, among others. Around the world, we have trained thousands of people to change the way you create companies, products and services. If you want to be a more agile and entrepreneurial business results faster, you should not miss. What kind of activities do the participants during the workshop? From business ideas, formulate market hypothesis. Try these hypotheses with real clients. Measure results, learning and assessment. Define changes in strategy (pivot), test, learn and reassess. All activities are designed to validate business assumptions, to fail and learn as fast as possible. Three days will be more productive and valuable than you had! Lean Startup Machine How is different from other entrepreneurial events? Lean Startup Machine is a fully focused training to the validation of the business idea and NOT building a solution. Instead of asking yourself I can build it? that entrepreneurs do answer the question Should I build it? We do this using the methodologies of Lean Startup and Customer Development. For this event does not need any special knowledge, just want to learn how to be a more effective entrepreneurial Lean Startup. Should you read the book Lean Startup? If you read it, great! learn to use the methodology in the real world. If you read it, do not worry, the workshop will teach you what you need to know about Lean Startup to start validating your business idea. Who is this workshop? Executives, leaders and innovators in small, medium and large still do not have success with a certain product or service. Novice or experienced entrepreneurs, innovators, vendors, maeketers and decision makers who want to train in the Lean Startup methodologies. What is Lean Startup? 's a business philosophy that enterprises use as Facebook and Groupon, among others. Here an introduction to what is Lean Startup ? Prerequisites • Only the desire to learn how to do business more effectively. Do you have your own business idea or problem to solve? Cool. You will have 50 seconds to expose. After the vote, if your idea is selected, you can organize a team and start working. However, we recommend that all participants come to LSM prepared to work on a new business idea, or better yet, a real problem to solve! If you plan to work on an existing project *, bring at least one person with you to the event. If your team can not attend, you'll have to work on a new business idea. But do not worry, you will learn invaluable habiliades that you can apply to any business. Do not have business ideas or equipment? There is no problem. You'll meet many intelligent and talented and have the opportunity to hear their business ideas. * is defined to be an existing project when there are sketches or prototypes associated with it. In the past we've found that participants have difficulty joining a team that already has mastery on an existing project. questions? Email:

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