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Social Media Breakfast

7/19/2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

~ Come along for coffee, community and conversation!

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Our regular meetup venue since 2011 is the super hip 1000 £ Bend Cafe. Please scroll down to view the location details and map.

The breakfasts are informal, self-organised and completely inclusive. New faces are always welcome to come along – the more the merrier!

#socialmelb usually attracts about 10-30 people from all industries and backgrounds. If it’s your first time – just look for the large group sitting on the communal table. If you can’t get there right on 8am or have to leave early – come anyway. Some people dash off just on 9am, while others hang around until lunchtime so there are always people around to connect with. If you’re a freelancer or consultant, the cafe provides free WiFi if you want to get out of your home or office for the day.

For the latest updates – follow @socialmelb on Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you there!

1000 Pound Bend

361 Little Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

The venue is a nice blend of quintessential Melbourne coffee institution up front and light-filled gallery space out back. The place is equally spacious as it is cosy, and has a large central communal table perfect for the #socialmelb group. It’s also got an upstairs cinema that hosts a few of the film festivals around town. The acoustics are also sound and conducive to conversation.

Plus the staff are very pro-community – you just have to look at the activity calendar on the site to see their support of groups and initiatives in Melbourne. Add free WiFi and $3 morning rush coffee to the mix and you know it’s a great start to your Friday!

If you have trouble finding it (which in Melbourne, is half the fun), ping the @socialmelb Twitter account or ask the community by adding the #socialmelb hashtag to your tweet.

See you there!

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