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User Experience Design for Google Glass

7/25/2013 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Instructors: Cecilia Abadie (33Labs) & Jaime Levy (JLR Interactive)

This is a 2.5-hour, hands-on workshop geared toward digital product designers who are looking to experiment and play in the sandbox of wearable computing. Note: This is NOT a workshop for developers to geek out on code.

The following topics will be covered:

the distinction between wearable computing and Augmented Reality (AR)

what the Glass user experience is like TODAY

basic overview of the design elements such as the timeline, cards, bundles, and card options

the process of UX design for Glass for digital designers without access to the product/API

the best ways to leverage it's unique capabilities

Attendees will then each get one minute (due to time restrictions) to experience Glass for themselves.

Next, the following activities will be conducted:

crowdsourcing the top 5 attendee concepts based on both technical feasibility and innovation

doing storyboard scenarios on whiteboards to identify user interface elements

creating wireframes and/or Photoshop mock-ups of the Glass UX events

prototyping using the Glass Sim emulator

Networking to follow at the nearby Angel City Brewery.

BIO: Cecilia Abadie

A passionate evangelizer about everything digital, Cecilia Abadie is a Google Glass Explorer and Pioneer who spreads the word about wearable devices and the many ways they can change our world. As the founder of 33Labs, she leads a global development team that researches and develops wearable and mobile applications to deliver experiences that innovate and disrupt the personal and the enterprise realms. As a Product Manager for Full Swing Golf, she continues to envision and create a vibrant community for indoor golfers around the world. Cecilia was born in Argentina and raised in Uruguay, which is also where she began her career as an international software consultant and a software developer at the age of thirteen. She immigrated to the United States of America ten years ago and is currently living in Southern California.

* Designs concepts created during the workshop may be posted or revealed in a post on the JLR Interactive blog or wherever the lecturers deem appropriate.

Come find out for yourself whether or not to believe the hype (link to SNL Spoof)!!!

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