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ntenational master class program ZIP Zagreb

7/5/2013 - 7/6/2013 6:00 PM

Only a few hours drive from Belgrade, neighborly courtyard will be held International Master Class Program organized by ZIP . The program was conceived as a series of visits to entrepreneurial greats why you would pay expensive tickets for conferences around the world.

Arrival of the first team (Colette Ballou, Jennifer Hicks, Christian Thaler-Wolski) is scheduled from 5 to 6 July. Then they will walk Zagreb incubator numerous startapi, hosts invited Serbian startap community to join them in the program.

With the support of the Embassy of the United States, ZIP plans to bring the experienced American entrepreneurs, founders of successful companies and famous startapa, investment fund managers and the like.

The first batch of reviews have Colette Ballou , known PR specialists with extensive experience in various branches of the economy, followed by Jennifer Hicks , Forbes reporter covering topics from robotics to mobile technology, and Christian Thaler-Wolski , a partner at Wellington Partners Venture Capital Fund and Seedcamp mentor.

Thereafter, in August were announced Jozefak Paul and Michael Backes , heads of business incubator Liquid Labs is focused on financial innovation.

The goal of the program is to provide value startapima from the region in terms of mentoring and feedback on their projects. Part of the program will be open to the general public, primarily startap community, and special attention will be devoted to working with startapima within a ZIP. Visiting entrepreneurs will assume the role of mentor and immediately convey the experience, knowledge and advice to beginners, and pass them through your network of contacts to connect with Western startap scene and open the possibility of concluding contracts and entering into partnerships abroad.

Coming soon more information regarding this event, the organizers point out that when you move applications among the first in line for a limited number of guests. During the flight, the number of conferences and events decreases, and for all labor startapovce this is a great opportunity to expand the list of contacts and hear some more professional opinion about his ideas.

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