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Beach Boost Finland 2013

6/11/2013 10:00 AM - 6/13/2013

We have the great pleasure to invite you and your business friends to participate Beach Boost Finland at the Marjaniemi Beach, Hailuoto, Finland, 11.-13.06.2013.

BEACHBOOST® growth entrepreneurship event offers a totally new and refreshing networking and matchmaking concept. BEACHBOOST® is a platform for high vision entrepreneurs and those representing diverse private resources of growth to meet each others. It´s definitely not only the money but speaking in terms of investments we are targeting our event to seed and angel rounds (investments of 0-0,5 M€) as well as "Series A and B" funding (0,5-3,5 M€).


Entrepreneurs (startups and veterans), investors (moneymen and wiseguys), professionals (as team members), service providers (as partners) - with bold vision, talent, spirit and passion and ready to exceed all the limits. Finnish, immigrants and other European, no matter if even further. We are global and we are local ja puhumme myös suomea tottakai!

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