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Data Driven UX Design

6/25/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


This 2-hour class demystifies the buzz around metrics, analytics, and data. For every digital product, there are strategic level key performance metrics (KPI) that management has to monitor. On the tactical level, product design decisions should be data driven. This class will demonstrate how to make actionable design decisions based on metrics from Google Analytics, A/B testing, eyetracking data, social media and real-time stats. Oftentimes, there is excessive data and reporting; this class shows you how to streamline analytics installation, tracking, monitoring, and reporting processes to make your product development and design decisions systematically data driven.


>Overview of how to set key performance metrics (KPIs)

>Best practices for monitoring success metrics

>Build a customer lifecycle analysis framework

>Step by step walkthrough of analytics tools

>Become familiar with next generation packages such as Mixpanel and Optimizely

>Segment users into a ladder of engagement that is actionable for Product Design

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